SICK to just be SICK

oh yeah it's back to the drama for me.

Booboo marzie.
I've spent almost half of my day in hospital today. I was pulled out of class and I thought I had something up in work today.... but noooo I had to go the hospital for some tests and tho I do hate test, I was given tests in a hospital. ironic. I got of school and missed two tests... missed it for three tests. (f-ed up!)

I do feel sorry for myself all of a sudden. UHGG I hate the feeling. and I ain't too diligent to share pictures about it but I'll let you in to a little info. I had to get stitched up, nothing big but it FREAKING HURTS. Imagine having a needle getting sticked on you several times. HORRIBLE i hate the thought of hospital tests but I have to live with it. I don't think I'll be ok by tomorrow but I have to show up in school coz I have something up. I hope I don't screw up with my eh... how'd you say disabilities

it ain't over yet. I'll have my stitches for a whole week and I'll have it removed by next wekk Tuesday also (oh great MORE PAIN ). now I really wished I'd be sick for a freaking week but I can't afford to miss school tho I really really want to.

Anyways this morning when I was still ok alive and KICKING (litteraly speaking) someone pawned my recess... o' course I was a bit down coz of it but yo! I'm gaining the weight I wanted. it's time to lose it now. In contrast we had ice cream too part 2 of the 2nd vparty in my class. but I can't have ice cream. I had a few spoonfuls of it. nothing much but I appreciate Michael bringing it for the class

But God loves me I had lunch at Hap chan(sp?) (some chinese restaurant) but i wasn't too happy I wanted sushi but no to avail. i haven't gone home yet but I had to go back to school and get my stuff and buy medicine from the drug store. I remember crying in the car.

I was thinking to myself.. "why on earth am I crying again??" then it hit me. oh yeah , my stitches are seriously killing me. UHGGG must have been said effects of the medicine.

I'm not "physically" ok right now but I'll still be kicking butt (I suppose) if I still can. I have work and I'm glad my 'disabilities' won't be much of a hindrance to my work. Dunno about school tho. I think I should disappear from school but for some reason I CAN'T MISS SCHOOL.

I want to give my thanks to everyone who helped me feel better, including those kids in the hospital. Such warm hearted people, I hope you all get well soon.

Take care everbody. STAY WELL

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