Propz fore' the year ends

3 days to the big 7.
it's almost here that lucky number in your lucky pair of
dice.... seven-07' it comes only once in awhile but before we warmly take in '07
here's what's been up with me lately. I was out this Thursday to watch a movie
in the local mall with my buds and a few more of other friends.:hahafuny(skeptic):

oh come on! who doesn't love Japanese food:time4bed: ?
I know I do but there's something about fast food Japanese restaurants that I
really dislike and Teriyaki boy is currently on the top of my most hated Japanese
fast food restaurants... unfortunately I had lunch there yesterday but no big I
had fun with my Unagi (eel) RAWR that was one mad meal. I swear the mayo in my
Kani salad is MAD. It made me feel nauseated but I'm glad I made it through.
That is THANKS TO THE UNAGI. I wouldn't have spent P78 for kani salad that would
make feel like gag-ingDizzy . DOPE please don't sue me Teriyaki boy.... I'm still
eating there if you force me to but none the less the food taste good. Just
. I'll say it again for the sake of saving you the benefit of the doubt the
eel was delicious!

This was lunch:

^V and Joko

KKK ~ Kasal, Kasalo, kasali (Marriage,
invited, apart
after lunch I watched "Kasal, Kasalo, Kasali" starred by
Filipino actress Judy Ann Santos and Ryan Agoncillo. I love the love-team and
all but nothing beats the feel that you get to watch a nice movie with your
buds (yo! this is a A rated movie at the Metro-Manila Film Festival, coz we
haven't made it to the Cannes film fest yet:hahafuny(skeptic): ). The movie plot pretty much reminded me of "Monster in law" but it's got
it's own twist in the plot. If your' up for a nice funny romantic-comedy Filo
movie makes sure you check this one out when you've got free time.:ohjoy!:

But mind you... I'm a bit of a Filo movie junkie, but I don't collect it's
just that when I watch this silly slap-stick Tagalog movies it just catches my
attention more than anything, no matter how fugly the movie quality is or
plot... I dunno must be in my blood. and Yes I am in fact very proud to be a
Filipino, it's in my new year's resolution to support more Filipino products and
I do plan to continue in the future. I want to help bring up my countries economy
but ENOUGH about my plans for my country. I don't plan to run for president LAh!...
mind you it took me time to actually find a movie poster of this online... Thats
how mad Philippine cinema is... NOT EVEN THE DAMN POSTERS on the web :WtUlokat:

I now dislike coffee
true true I have had it with coffee for this year, you
can ask me to drink up a bottle of wine this new year but no coffee PLEASE:cry: . I
had seriously HAD HAD IT with coffeecanttakeit.. most especially starbucks:panting: ... I had to
go nuts about collecting stickers for a damn planner from starbucks. It seems all
worth it but I had to have two cups of coffee that day... that must have
triggered my irritation from the damn kani salad mayo.... I don't usually feel
sick like that but HEY I'm still alive kicking and I'm happy that I got my own
starbucks planner... oh great:WtUlokat: ... now you people label me as a STARBUCKS
whore... DUDE lemme tell you, I only did it this year coz I was on a roll
already. Just needed to finish what was started (another on for my new years

I was SUPER high:cry: last night after my last cup of coffee... that Peppermint mocha
stuff sure is MAD I don't like it but I had that since the toffee nut latte no
available... SCREW STARBUCKS:WtUlokat: . In fact I was so high that I even promised my granmum that we'd make fridge cake. DOPE and I did make cake.

and that's what I had for snack this afternoon, I had that in exchange for not
going out with Albie (Dalumpines) and Pat (Barza) to watch Spongecola in SM
today because Marz is a lazy bumm today for not getting enough sleep.:relaxing:

and I took notice of my nails...

DOPE! why are we talking about such aimless thing such as my nails and what I
had for snack this afternoonDrool ... I'm such a LOSERoooh! realy? ... we should get back to more
sensible stuff like who made on track 7 of the Yekatown albumevilsmile

Yekatown Vol. 1
Yeah:ok!: ! after the long wait and participation... that is thanks to Anita for getting me to participate
for the album. I made it in track 7 singing my version of Ai Da Mi (Mouse Love
Rice) exclusively for ... and it isn't one of the best works I've
done because if you guys heard the final release of "Under these stars" or "goin'
get hot
" you would know what kind of music I make really but if you wanna check
out my version of Ai Da Mi feel free to do and join me at Yekaroo:ohjoy!: . and download
Yekatown Vol. 1. I should tell you before hand that I'm only taking part in this
album and you should check out the other 'artists' (har har I'm calling ya'll
artists lah!) my favorite track is by Solly (supaxsol) singgin' "Missin U". and
the Dopest track would be the rendition of Super Junior's "U" I LOVED EVERY SONG
in the album. Lillian was sooo good with her Japanese songs! I love love loved
the Yekatown album! It's on repeat on my winamp.

PROPZ to Anita and Lil' for doing such a wonderful job with the first album.
MUCH LOVE n RESPECT. If you wanna find me at Yekaroo... my SN is bestmariel...
it's that easy to find me

that's it later days. take care and have a blastin' 07 up ahead of you:irule:

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