Hotel door

Hotel door, originally uploaded by Ali Fogg.

Typical... today I felt like a total loser. Hurting my little foot while I'm at it. Not only did I flunk the test I stayed up late to study for but I also 'just passes' my other tests. GOD. why?!!!!!

now I'm at ~SOMEPLACE~ action city is back in action. For those who didn't know... and NO I'm not smuggling anything there's a meeting and my ordered stuff just came in an I'm in the mids of business and study if you don't mind.

I have to keep in mind the 'he' is gay and that's not cool. I don't like guys who you think are all that but turns out their.... GAY.

0________0 I feel so sorry for myself liking a guy who is gay. AND DOPE I didn't even know so until just yesterday.. uhhhgg.


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