Getting better

Yesterday I just wasn't feeling all that good. Yeah I was sick but I think I'm
getting better now. or so I think. I don't know what I was thinking putting up
an audio blog while I have colds. I sound weird. it's ODD.

but whatever. TODAY. YES! it's the END of classes for 2006 tho I was dope enough
not to bring my camera...Drool my bad but yeah anyways I got to spend this day in
the mall with my friends:ok!: . It's not so bad except for that part I kept munching
on the things I'm not suppose to when I have colds. I had candy, chocolates and
all that jazzed up sweets. REEALLLY BAAAD for me, Even Nani (Patricia Barza) ~who
was in the same conditions as I was~ Was eating stuff she wasn't suppose to.


Yeah it's Joko again, he's a bit off and I wouldn't really call him normal coz
he would probably call me the same anyway:hhmEvil: . This was his dope status message on
Yahoo! translates as: "I have a WAH pedal now!
:D~~~ JOHANNA THANKS FOR THE GIFT!!.. finally after all the days I've prayed
(and I really prayed!!), you're not mad at me anymore!!:)

such a loser. but sweet. Speaking of sweet . He wasn't the only one who was.
There was Nemuel.... aww such a sweet guy. Well he's just 'some guy' who usually
teased to me, and me well I play along but he's a nice kid.


he gave me a Christmas gift this year. I'm a very appreciative person if you
didn't know kekeke. but I really appreciated the thought. Thanks Boieee! heart

it's not boxing day yet for me. but I'll be there soon... after I box out my
buds in Hong Kong, Heart u guys too! anyways i got loads of other stuff... Stuff
I haven't even opened yet! Johanna's gift.... lolz haven't opened it up yet. Too
lazy to actually open gifts this year.bored

what I liked the most is this top from Manang Marilag. SWEET. but I'm not
wearing it anytime soon... loolz! I gotta look good to pull this one off. I got
a lot of lip gloss this year. While last year earrings were dominating my
'received gifts' list:panting:

^too hott I had to put copyrights on this... it's a classic:ok!:


the juice on what's hot... I checked out Ayumi Hamasaki's secret. Not bad but I
think I liked her new look now than her music. it's has absolutely nothing to do
with music but if you ask me if she didn't have her new hairstyle or that cute
unicorn tattoo on her back on the album cover I wouldn't have thought about
checking out the album.

you have to check out SOUL'd OUT's singles collection album... yeah I know
nothing new but it's a nice collection tho. Interesting songs by SOUL'd OUT.
.... and oh yeah another thing.... Brian Joo from FTTS.... gone solo! yeah he's
released his album and I have yet to check it out. I probably will in a bit but
this is just a heads up.

in short DECEMBER is another JPOP dominated month.... I should say JPOP
music was pretty good this year, downfall on the CPOP music. I rarely heard
anything good except from Jill Vidal (Janice's twin sis) and HoCC (Denise Ho) ....
GOOD GOOD Year for the both of them. Oh yeah there is also Alan Luo but he's a
bit er... I dunno but his song with Koda Kumi 'TWINKLE' is pretty good. He owes Koda Kumi Propz!:relaxing:

^ check out Koda Kumi's Cherry Girl album also... which by the way will
be up in MarzMusic soon.:ohjoy!:

welps that's pretty much about it. I have to go to sleep.... it's I WANT and I
finally will get to go to sleepcanttakeit .... this is so niceevilsmile . I know it won't be when I
get back to school in January. My mum will murder me when she finds out what
I've been doing with my Drool I'm no good at it, you should know thatbored. I have a busy day ahead of me tomorrow. Party~:irule:

Happy Holidays and take care

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