For a Lovely Christmas Experience...

I went out tonight for a cup of coffee and yeah I had a toffee nut latte. It's something I crave for in the middle of the year yet I only get this stuff during the christmas season. BUMMER

Ne'hows I had dinner out with my grandmum, mum n bro. I needed the break and coffee to get back to studying. I'm on my ~few minute~ break and I'll get back to studying after this post *sigh*. I have a very important test tomorrow I pray that I won't flunk because I'll be spending the rest of the night studying Stoichometry (or however your suppose to spell that).

DAMN I'll be up. Propz to that un-decafed Toffee nut latte.... shh.... mum said I was supposed to get decaf LOLZ.

later days. n' Happy holidays.


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