2 more days till Christmas (yo I'm up late suprise!):hahafuny(skeptic): . the Christmas feeling sure came late here from
where I'm at. It's sad at the same time there is still a reason for me to be
happy and stuff but let me tell you even on this vacation... This is actually
the most busiest part of the year... oh DOPE that reminds me I need to work on
MarzMusic after this but yeah anyways... who CARES?! it's Christmas for the love

paid 275 pesos (something around $5.61) for my High School christmas party:WtUlokat: ....
it's been the worst I've gone to from the past three years of school partying
history:cry: . I don't want to be RUDe:hhmEvil: but maybe I will be harsh. FLAME ME :panting: if you want
to. *because I feel really crappy right now* and I should let you know that I'm
not doing this to offend but remind you people (you know who you are, or at
least take a guess) that we are all entitled to our own thoughts and opinions.
Last night was pain in the ear, foot, and pocket. Geez... I wouldn't have gone
if I had to put up doing WHAT NOT last night.


this has to be an issue why ? I have absolutely no ideaDizzy but I think it was dope. I
can do the robot in this outfit but not DBSK - Rising Sun steps.. tho I
attempted to do that when Gwen Steffani's holler back girl song was playing...
that's just SO WRONG. I didn't dance DBSK's rising sun... what you think of me?
some kind of retard? no way! XD! very hk-ish har har

Battle of the bands was way to
novice for me to even bear listening to! :relaxing: The music was either: instrumental was
good vocals was stupid. or vice-versa. I think the rendition of "Black parade"
was the dopest. To set the record straight, they we're ok even if they didn't
prepare. I don't know what to think, maybe the vocalist was mad? He was
off-tune. The FRESHMEN are made the dopest performance and I have lots of props
to give to them. RESPECT n MUCH LOVE.:irule:

dance competition was a HOAX... no one told me there was money involved. I'm
glad I didn't ride the bus home but I missed spending the last hours of the
night with my friends if I did. let me tell you more about the dance. HECK I
wanna scream it's like something that has to do with fish net stockings and hoes
and ... I don't want to say, but I'll drop one. OVERRATED. I may not be making
any sense with the grammar I'm using... (Sir Mark, please don't flunk me if your
reading this)... I think there's just no chance that the juniors can make
something happen in an hour. It's not like I can do any better myself. MARZ
THINKS THE JUNIORS' WERE AWESOME. that's it nuff said...:time4bed:

don't let me be the first one to tell you but it's actually
pretty late to even start going Christmas shopping. I've done my time and I'm
not completely successful in getting to shop for everyone let alone getting to
give the gifts to them. I feel that Christmas came too late and it's a bit
disturbing but let bygones be bygones. God is GOOD. I've been very blessed to
have been able to recieve the things I really wanted this Christmas, well at
least most of those things or something like that as much as I'd like to thank
everyone personally I'd just like to
say one thing to everyone this season. and yes it's true I did get a hair cut.
it's nice but I like my old hair MUCH MUCH better.:time4bed:

That's all

Happy Holidays Everyone!:ohjoy!:

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