What am I doing man?!!

I just got an sms from a friend that has something to do with excommunication
(some mumbo jumbo me and my friends learn from school....) (wow I actually learn
something from school):hahafuny(skeptic):....
anyhows what ever that is.... my brother thinks I'm so messed up retard

Have I gone mad? no not really... and come to think of it I always mention me
being insane so I guess that's also pretty normal LOL


joke joke!

New Must Have

I'll forget about digital cameras for now because I'm more into videos than
photos. and I found a camcorder that can take pictures. so yeah. It's the
Samsung sc-mm10s but I want the blue one but yeah... there's something more
powerful than this one so take a guess which Toshiba model that was coz I
totally forgot what model it was.. I took time to actually look for this here in
Philly but no to avail...... I have to order it from Amazon or something. I
edited the vid picture so don't ask why it's so bad...:irule:
not that I'm saying Utada Hikaru is bad, btw that's a cap from her remake
version of green day's "Boulevard of Broken Dreams". Quite a good performance
tho I really think she has a hunch for eating microphones.... scary..WOH!

Back to the must watch

Yeah! I'm finished watching Super Juniors "Full House" I'm not happy with 13
episodes. the ending was sad...


I didn't feel like crying though when I finished it today... so call me a retard
for choosing not to cry


LOL LOL LOL! kidding lah!

I still have no idea when I can watch the whole movie of the Death note though.
same with Ouran High as for bleach... I just need time.

Goong is finally going to be shown here in Philly... oh nO! it's good bye time
to Kim Jung Hoon... he's gonna get pawned by the filipina fans... oh boo-hoo
poor me. Isn't he cute. Don't be fooled he's older than he looks:hhmEvil:

I got to borrow my friend's dvd of It Started with a kiss, though the subtitles
are kinda whacked I still am persistent to finish it since Ivy(atsu_keiharu)
said the ending was good. Props to Ivy!


What's so whack?

Today my grandmum had her little birthday celebration. I Have no idea how
) she is *so bonk me:relaxing:
* and he guest are really a lot but yeah... it's enough to say that it is a
party. The food was once again catered by Andre's and no doubt good. I didn't
bother taking pictures of the food. It totally messed up my 'abstinence ace'
from food. Don't I sound nuts? I mean 'abstinence' from food? the gods must want
to slap me.


I really wanted to shop on black Friday.

YES I missed it.... everything all the good stuff I could have had this
Thanksgiving.... maaaan I could have really bought a new Ipod because I doubt
George is giving back my ipod. (not to mention my psp also)


Sadly here in Philly we don't celebrate Thanksgiving.... which obviously means
we don't have black Friday either.... THAT SUCKS, I know..... and I also have to
put abstinence (am I even spelling it right?) in to my spending... that's the
second reason why I stopped drinking loads from Starbucks maybe except today
though I treated my bro out for some fraps and I do sound dorky for doing so


I just got another sms that my former crush went out with someone I resent the
most. God I think I still like him abit. tho never mind he can go out with her..
I'll pray that he'll be happy that's ok with me it doesn't matter. He looks
fugly lately anyhows kekeke (and no I'm not in denial)bored.
Hey even I have a heart too. I also use it.


Memories of Murder

ahhh... this is a really interesting movie, tho I think it's under-rated but
since lil' kid-os can't watch it
like I can.
The movie is based on a true to life story of an unknown rapist lurking in a
rural area of Korea, who was at large during the years 1986-1999. During that
time forensics was abit questionable to the local folks there so if they need
something solved, they work on it in the most unbelievable ways. I've heard that
the killer in this movie hasn't been identified up to this very day. creepy
isn't it?

that's about it boys and girls. Hope ya'll had a good thanksgiving (tho I'm pretty late already) but still Happy Thanksgiving ya'll! evilsmile

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