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Intramural Uh-oh's!
ok I just think this is hilarious... and for those affect by me posting this vid.... pwahahahaha .... watch me laugh!!!!

yes yes it was game day and this weekend seemed to be quite productive of school work and other "stuff".

^ that looks sooo cheesy! (the master mind behind it?.... no one else but me! RAWR!)

Jigoku Shoujo OVER
I bet Animax is still on Episode 3 or what not, but me... I'm done with season 1 and i'm set to watch Jigoku Shoujo Fukatomori... The ending was like wow but yeah i'll leave you guys to find out for yourselves anyways

SS501 1st album!
wooT! no comment, I've heard the album... but I'm not really paying attention to it. I guess I'm just disappointed or I was expecting too much from it but don't let me ruin the image of SS501, I really thought their singles were cool!

Shinhwa's JunJin
here's the latest scoop... "he's got a new single" that's pretty much about that. I got my copy already

ok ok enough I sound braggy ROFL... kekekeke
New To watch List:
  • Super Junior: Full House
  • Jigoku Shoujo Fukatomori
  • Kurosagi (I haven't watched it yet T___________T *supersob*)
  • Beautiful Life (I haven't finished it!)
  • It Started With A Kiss.... ughhhhh I also haven't finished it either
  • Ouran High
  • Bleach
I still have to watch Super Junior's Full house! Their all funny! especially HeeChul wahahahhaha

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