Make beef happen

Let make beef happen!

uhg what am I saying.. I feel relly sorry for Jonny but hey! he's cook Jessica's ever so popular chili corne carne. Yeah that's good stuf but maaan have I fallen in love with my multiply it's so convinient. btw, if you have one add me up. I'm not too hard to find lah ^_^.

Today I've spent half of my day indoors it was a nice sunny day but personally I thought it was hot. So I ended up updating the whole of my multiply... it was yesterday that I pimped out the layout. har har I actually did that :panting:

No Han no show
Actually I was suppose to go to School today (YCI) but I had to call off since I knew Mr. Han isn't my proffesor. he hasn't shown up yet. How sad:cry: . And oh boy is vacation almost over:hahafuny(skeptic): . (I've said this @ my multiply but I'll tell you guys again) For those who was looking for me for me within the week, I'm in Hong kong it was just yesterday that I went back to Manila and back again to Hong Kong (you can read about it in my multiply)

Arang ?? a particularly interesting Korean horror flick really caught my attantion after over-hearing that it was a good movie, which it was. Tho you should know I'm not really a fan of Horror movies AT ALL. (I've said that in my previous post haven't I? :relaxing: ) I was watching it this afternoon waahahaha Lee DongWook has fine written all over him:hhmEvil:

Hell Girl!
she's no ordinary girl, and she's got my eyes gues to the series "Hell Girl" (sorry I forgot the Japanese title again:hahafuny(skeptic): ). So far so good I stopped at Episode 4. you should check out for yourselves if you want to psych-up a bit

The drama airing on 7

It's Starry Night starring Kingone and Megan Lai. Great cast and all but what astounds me is that Albie sms'd me saying that the lead looks like my crush... Dizzy But the thing is I've been telling her that for how long now? Dizzy Sheeesh XD. If your asking who it's Kingone. He is my crush like DOI! WOH! But no one beats Oppa Changmin!

hahaha He's shoooooo CUTE!

I've gotta run XD Max is my Mr. Q~!!!

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