I'm sooo messed up

Hey hows everyone?

I have this sports officiating lesson for my PE class which requires me to have a whistle... lazy me I had someone but me the whistle and oh boy did I get some pretty serious stuff...

seriously I don't know what they were thinking when they freakin bought that.... they must be thinking I'm some kinda mad referee.... Phisical Education was a hassle today besdes from the whistle part... (well I know that was screwed up) I played volleyball (which I don't play) like a mad kid.... that's what a freakin' little whistle can do to me

I actually like that photo and all but the subject is blurred... my bad with the cammera:WtUlokat:

I Love your .gifs
that's a new series of .gif files I have in my multiply check it out if you have time. This I'm giving propz to the people in AF so much-o love-o to ya'll

^ Hot stuff!!!! XD!!

MarzMusic problems
yeah here's another ups and downs of the site..... least you should know about but I'm inviting ya'll to check out Se7en's SE7OLUTION album.. and the MV LaLaLa. so yeah if you don't know where to go its to:


that's pretty much about it for t'night I have to run and fix my life! (I mean my grades in Math)

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