I love my Doorkie Squirel!

Yeeeaaaah!!!! DBSK's most aDORKable Mv yet! 'Balloons' gosh.... I got a good laught outta that. hahaha Their all so Cute being dorky!!!uh...yah JaeJong is sooo cute and so is Xiah.... hahahah Max is growing up aloready kekekeke


suprise I was really spamming this time.... like mad I had nothing better to do... or how I should say I wasn't paying attention to what I needed to get done... don't worry tomorrow I won't be around to spam that much.. I just really want to kill time before I start on what I have to do.

unfortunately I'm sleepy already. In fact I felt so lazy today I even missed my doctors appointment for two days already! the next time I'll be seing my doctor is a week from now aparently.... shame on me!

but DBSK seriously blew me away awhile ago.... they were unbelivably dorky cute! hahaha. so cute.

last night well I suppose you can say I was doing the same thing. except last night I went to Olongapo (some rural place here in the Philippines) I just went coz I just felt like it. and I sound like I was trying to get away from something for a moment there.

I called this guy friend of my OJ (not his real name) and yet it's like (I think) I like him but the thing is I don't want to like him..... EVER. Truth is I told someone before that I did have a crush on him (that was when I THOUGHT I did) but really I'm not. so now just when I've convinced myself that I don't like him. duh-oh, I think I do but I don't want to. you get it? oooh! realy? ahhhk I'm messed up now (>_<)


AHHHHH!!! I'm soo happy to DBSK so cute dorky all together! hahahaha

that's all I suppose. heheheh I got nuttin much to do but sleep

(mo.u.afo!) LoLz