Before I end my vacation

Here comes another ending to a vacation. I'll be back in school by Monday lah :time4bed:.

Today I was able to watch Love at First Note. Eh... I wouldn't really be to happy to call it a movie I find it abit slow ... I didn't enjoy it as much as I did with ??. But yeah still watched it, seemed like a light musical movie.

The story seemed like it rotated on Justin Lo's songs (mostly) also Kary's songs (I think) I couldn't name the songs but I was pretty familiar with most of it.

I was eager to myself another cellphone key chain but alas nothing appealed to me.

I'll be in 4th year HS next year I don't think I'll have enough time to work on stuff but I'll definitely be around.

I stopped @ epi 11 of Jigoku Shoujo today... it's getting interesting. My bro called up and I told him that I was watching "Hell Girl" he said why not watch Bleach instead I said to him "Yeah, I'm following the series too but I'm only at Epi 1 & 5.... Dizzy " he knew better not to argue with me about it.

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