Happiness in the most suprising details

I'm letting you know... I'm not too fond of suprises. But guess what my buds knew and I didn't.
Ok, so I might over-react to this, and It's not bad news either. It's just that I MISSED THE WHOLE LOT OF IT!

but before I even leak the information any further. Let me just show you this:

It's Aaron Kwok's new movie "After This Our Exile"... intersting title (it's in my must watch) I hope it's good!


It's not my busness.
but my friends, they don't mind to letting me know, but I have to know it for myself for them to actually talk to me about it. Not that I'm putting anyone down. I'm just saying!

So anyways.... (heheh, I'm keeping you people now aren't I) but considering the fact that it's very late I'm still hype to tell you.

Nic's Married! Yes my Gor Nic is finally Married! and in Philly too! ... Sheesh I would have shown up for his wedding but I know he did the right thing for his woman. *youshouldknowwho*

I could live half-of-my-life but geez! Nic got married, didn't tell me (or at least invite me) and he did it in Philly! AND I ONLY KNEW NOW! ( and for the public to know a bit too late) but it's not a bad thing, neither am I disappointed. kekeke he must have foreseen me bugging his guests in the reception .

Anyways WOOT it's officially 7. Happieee B-day Eddieee!!! We love u so much-o (even if you do have V already) and of course we're all cool. I know this guy's got a party back in HK so if ya'll didn't know I have school tomorrow (more like today) I haven't slept yet. I'm too hype!

I was actually thinking of calling ZeiWay but it's too late she might not answer my call nor will Jie Gui do the same. I hope their both ok by now considering their past issues with work and pressure blabla.

Har har I just got rid of another nuisance in my life, tho someone (or somebody) may not fully understand.

Message for ISABWELANG**: Yo, that's what happens when you don't give respect phul! but with much respect. I do still have that for you. Keep it up and we'll all be alright.

Ohh geez... I suppose I gotta get going. theres a lot for me to do tomorrow

School er..... ONE DAMN WHOLE DAY OF SCHOOL. this isn't fair. actually considering my other choices it isn't too bad to end the SY in April and Start in August.

Tomorrow's events:
  • DAMN school
  • interview
  • practice
  • journalism project
  • Uncle Lito's party -Can't attend that-
  • Bernadette's treat out -not sure if I can attend-
  • DAMN homeworks (I'll bring that along with me)
My Sunday isn't going to be any better I tell you. I'll still be busy and I'll still want to sleep in school or in class. Dammit!


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