Candy Shop

"I saw a guy at school as if I saw kitkat from a candy store!"

definitely the drama awhile ago. So yeah it was recess after my first test, we (me and Albie D.) went down to the canteen, I was supposedly accompanying her <_<.> but doi my voice was abit too loud even Edwardo (Vinniegas) heard me >_<. (Who said I was good at whispering?) XD! but I had to keep my composure (which I wasn't at that time) I was acting like a mad woman who saw (god knows who) then POOF.... back to reality. When I got back to my classroom to go back reviewing my test in Health, DOPE! my sugar-high-ness was cut short when I found out that that guy was..... A DAD 0_0 I was saying to myself: "Got Marzie, now your even worse than a D.O.M.!" XD!!!! hahaha but I swear this guy was cute! I thought he was Korean or something but my classmate Katrina (Constantino), who was a family friend of this guy, told me that he was a Filipino. I squealed at the classroom
"OMG Papang papa!"
(means like in terms of boyfriendtype-ish kinda guy) literally I was meaning DAD-like-boyfriend material XD... funnniieeee My other female classmates heard me and soon they wanted to see him. At the end of the event Katrina sent him and his family off along with my other female classmates. Then Katrina told me that this guy used to study in my school also. I was like WOW. Whatta day! XD hahaha that proves... "Not all dads look... like dads" kekeke have I mentioned that this guy was still around his twenties? (accd. to Katrina) wahahahahahaha oh well It's just nice to know that such people exsist XD. I hope my husband will be like that also kekekeke LOL (In my dreams!)

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