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Hiyeee everybody. I'm baaack.... why haven't I been posting up you ask? well I was too lazy to blog yet theres alot to talk about but if you didn't know, I was still blogging but not on xanga (get a clue, you should know where by now)

anyhows... hahaha it's sem-break it won't be too long but it's none the less VACATION. speaking of vacation I've just got the wildest idea just awhile ago. I was thinking if I got to Japan this sem-break maybe I can make just in time to watch The Death Note -last name.

I have yet to find out who's playing who in the cast but I've heard a thing or two about it but I've probably been disregarding it tho.

Ah there is also DBSK's Vacation. I could go to KR to watch that. Uhhg... that reminds me all about U-know again. Poor guy but don't let me bring it up again coz it's old news and it's becoming pretty much irrelevant.

I'm starting to feel sorry for DBSK but they should know that they've still got alotta supporters out there ... somewhere (anywhere):ok!:

Oh yeah..... George..... yeah I've missed him tho he hasn't been acting very nice to me lately. So much for him taking my PSP and my frigin' iPod... Sheesh man Keep it! I just wanted to know if you were gonna give it back to me anyway :hahafuny(skeptic):

so far on my to watch movie list are:
  • Grudge 2 (USVer) - tho I know I'd chicken out even before the movie starts
  • Dog Bite Dog - Wow EC ur on fire! :time4bed:
  • Vacation - DBSK
  • Death Note - ???
  • McDull The Alumni - EEG artists
  • Wait Till Your Older - Andy Lau
Heard about McDull The Alumni yet? it's a HK movie, I've heard alot of bad comments about the movie. But you know me... I never learn like that time when I still made it an effort to watch "Gen-Y Cops" heck... what was I thinking?!!!!! But McDull The Alumni I suppose isn't (I SUPPOSE) as bad as Gen-Y cops. Do me a favor and don't watch Gen-Y cops if you haven't watched it. It's such a waste of time!

<- WOOT Edison Chen + SAM LEE

I don't expect to learn anything from this movie but KILL KILL KILL :panting: oops... sorry I'm being a bit morbid kekeke :hhmEvil:... you be the one to tell me what to expect from EDC's DOG BITE DOG. I'm getting hype over EDC's new album tho I shouldn't put much care to it since GEORGE is prolli going to tell me to get a copy when he knows I already would.

What's up with the movies lately? lotsa horror movies but eh.... I'm not really into it maybe just just for the cast but that's it. No good cast... I don't watch.

DBSK 3rd Album
so what can you say about it? I'm not complaining, except maybe for Hero's blonde hair (it's scary if you watch the 'O' MV, Mickey's hair in the 'O' mv... what's up cheif. Max is letting his mustash grow lately (I didn't really notice on the mv) and his hair is like that kid from "Yaketate Japan", Xiah looked even better (doesn't look cute anymore but he looks hot!), U-know... eh... well you know he's pretty much the same I suppose (no comment)evilsmile .

And oh yeah if your up for some good ol' Asian Pop tunes make sure you check out

that's it I gotta run, take care everybody!

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