No, I'm not internal affairs

Stanley, Hong Kong, originally uploaded by wcoastpark.

Today I asked Albie (Dalumpines) the difference of "Like" and "Love" haha I almosted freaked out today.... none the less I'm still as lively I was in the begining of the week...

I suppose by now it's normal to hear me say "Yeah, I'm crazy... I know I'm not bragging nor am I asking you to be crazy as well"

Truth is I told Albie (Dalumpines) who it was I really liked. She knew that I did like that person (well I told her from the very start) so when I told her she simply said to me "Yeah I kinda noticed"..

It makes me think if anyone else knew, I suppose some people did. But if they ask me if I do really like that particular person, I can confidentely tell them "Yeah I do like that person, as a brother. Then you can ask me again Do I Like that person?"

Like Joko (Fernandez) I love that lozer like a older brother and like my other classmates like family... There's no more than friends feeling in left for me. It's a horrible feeling to love someone whom you always see... Especially if your trying to protect these people from god knows what.

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