Milkshake flavored Kit Kats

Whaaaaahahaha another one that I must try.... gawd KITKAT ROCKS!

Marz wants these flavored kitkat....
-Green Tea (FAVORITE)


-egg pie (is that what they call it?)
-tiramisu -Special Edition-(I don't care if they don't make it anymore!)

-Milkshake (new -old I dunno)

-Takagi wine
-Cherry Blossom

-Fruit Parfait

-Red Bean.... (they say it's nothing much but still. must try!)

-peanut butter (will go on my to give list if I don't like this one)
-Lemon Cheesecake (Yes... Such exist)

-Cafe Latte

-Passion Fruit

KitKats that I might Give away:
-Dark Noir
-blood orange
-Orange (ehh.... that's for my to give list :P)
-Orange n' creme
-Red Berry -Special Edition-
-Caramel -Special Edition-
-Triple chocolate

endless list....

U know what to get for me now ok? :P

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