all out, blow out, convocation

I cannot believe, just when I thought all was lost. WE WON THE FRIGGIN' CONVOCATION! It's crazy but yeah, we definitely pruned ourselves in the process but yeah we totally pawned em.

we were considering celebration since it's Luis P.'s b-day... time to celebrate... victory and birth... actually I don't really plan to celebrate. I don't think we could have won the competition if 3 Charity didn't over-do their time to perform. I suppose that they should have had just been tied up with us. We're both 3rd year and we're all just playin' hard to be best batch. So we'll just continue to play hard.

My Get-up
Lolz! I wanna laugh, I came to school wearing my (supposedly) half-calf boots but their alittle bit big so they seem like almost full length boots. First person who saw me said "Here Comes Madonna"

I just think I look a bit like Fiona Sit in the picture but clearly in my mind I'm trying to make my own "Ju YooRin" (My Girl-Lee Da Hae) look LoLz... (check out the loser at the back!)

Then we finally made our way home from school, I eventually got tired but Me and Cess had other plans rather than to bum around the house. We went to sm to get some photos printed.

Coincidentally Barbie Almalbis was performing. I must say I like her, in terms of the way she gets dressed, the music she plays... ok I won't go any further than that... coz I caught her on cam she's made it in my post for today

Insane... Cess saw at least two of our subject teachers at the mall after predicting that we would see a couple of people from our school. Haha that reminds me the look on the face of Sir Paul when Cess went up right behind him to address our presence (we even had to chase him from the escalator!) although I wasn't to eager to see more people from school. I had enough of them for awhile now. I could use a break before I go super serious for this upcoming quarter.

Big Bang to Love
I'm really loving their "We Belong Together" and "This Love" song.... I suppose their going to be the next big thing in the Kpop industry.... AWESOME!

Right now I wanna get out of Philly... maybe go to Thailand I suppose? I don't know why Thailand all of a suddenly but yeah Thailand!

I gotta go to sleep it's already morning and I'm friggin' tired already... I have book fair to go to tomorrow (yeah I'm actually going to one )

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