I didn't work on what I needed to work on, it's prolli pilling up (lazy me), Instead of work I was at school (WHAT?!? SCHOOL ON SATURDAY?) no it's not Saturday school. I had to show up to do/ make props for my groups' presentation on the convocation.... I tell you it's like listening to some lazy ass album by EDC (LOLZ no offence, Mee love Eddie kekeke).

Anyways I got the chance to check out what's going down in Shoemart and all that jazz... Man, I feel soo good getting to eat out with my classmates or at least just two of them.

-Cutting that short.... LET'S GET DOWN TO BUSINESS!!!

One of my all time favorite bands Clazziquai is out with a new mini album, yes a nd it's insane! you have to have to cop it fore it's gone. It's serious bossa nova? easy listening stuff, that is if you like that kinda music go out and check it out for yourself! It's worth your bling! M-flo is in it, what more can you ask?!?!? it's M-FLO! awesome stuff I'll give it a rating or 10/10 ho ho ho! really goood!!

LOLZ, I don't like the name of the new boy'z. "Sun Boy'z"
Dope, Steven still looks good . I still think he looks the youngest among the three guys, but he's the oldest in the group. What HAS EEG DONE TO BOY'Z!?!?!?!? I really love the Kenny X Steven tandem. Not that I don't like Sun Boy'z music, it's still the same almost cheezy kind of music I like hearing from EEG. (Did I mention cheezy?) any hows When I was listening to their single I was hearing the conversation from the "bus uncle" video and I was like "WTF?!?! WOH! What kind of music is this?!!!!! Why is EEG mixing bus uncle with the first two tracks of the single! this is crazy!Dizzy " but turns out it was just a freakin' window ad that had the video played.... a great relief on my part. I thought I spent on a SUPER CHEEZY single.... :irule:

So that's a big congratulations to Steven, Dennis, and William whose making it big (back again). Welcome to the HK entertainment Sun Boy'z!

Speaking of entertainment. For all you Green minded retards who's crazy over Gillian Chung, someone took pictures of Her getting changed after a concert in Malaysia. The pictures of her getting changed was (I think) either shown to her or was about to be published in a Tabloid. Which made Ah Gui quite hysterical during her press conference. So Far what I understood in the Video interview (you can also watch the TVB interview in YouTube), Sa and Gill changed separately and when Gill was getting changed she made sure no one else was in the room but herself. She says that she doesn't know how someone could take pictures of her nude.

BTW, if you didn't know about it, try googling about it there's going to be afew articles up. And what's really bad about it...

The photo showing Gillian in a bra half-naked photos was published by HK magazine Easyfinder issue 761 (also put on their website), the photo appears to have been taken through a peep hole. -womendiary

Yes, it sucks to be in that kind of possition. There's this petition going on for Gillian Chung to be able to file a case of some sort. Here's the Link, CLICK HERE you should sign the petition, because I did. I say KILL THE TABLOIDS AND THE PAPARAZZIS.... hey, you wouldn't want the same to happen to you right?

Read Full Articles: YAHOO! News UK (OMG it actually reached UK?!?!),
Kahsoon (The real indepth news), YouTube (The Interview), Petition For Gillian (Let's prevent it from happening to anyone else!), Gillian's Current Condition (She's in SHENZHEN apparently working under heavy pressure still)

Fan or not, I'm telling you you wouldn't want this to happen to another person. Both celebrity and non-celebrity.

Life that's taking it's toll on such a strong duo like Twins (I don't need to enumerate all of what has happened to them this year). Gillian and Charlene... KEEP FIGHTING AND STAY STRONG!!!!!

And I Have my own battle with the paparazzi. KILL THE FU*C** TABLOIDS!!!!!!!!!!

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