Not-so Official School Pics

This is what had happen on August 2, 2006..

I've been meaning to bring my cammera to just as what Mark (Azcuna) Did with his cammera. Darn the wasted moment. Darn it, but oh well at least I got the copies I wanted... so Major Props for Mark. (Thanks Dood!)

Haha I only realized now I look the same in Picture 1 and 3 kekeke... actually theres alot more but I don't wanna post em all... FYI as much as I don't wanna sound vain and mushy, I have to say after seing the pics I looks SHOOOO KAWAII!! hahaha for real!!! I'm quite excited for the Official Class Picture to come out. I suppose I'll have my ikky "Emotionless" pose in it.. but I hope not.

Speaking of Emotionless.... Hahah I saw 창민's Class picture when he graduated... LOL big ears + serious face... haha the description fits me... LOL dood! kekekeke I wish I had a pic of it to share but alas, The laugh is just for me to enjoy.

Tomorrow I might go out and do dizzle in some place where people least expect to see me at so I have no intentions to make telly about my whereabouts tomorrow unless the out come is good or if go out in the first place

That's all for now

Later Days

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