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Almost losing it.
Lately I've been as busy as god knows what and been experiencing some major ups and downs of life. Thankfully it has't gotten the best outta me just yet... and I've been wanting to go shop for albums and stuff, which I only get to do now.

[Now Playing :: DBSK - Holding Back The Tears]
AHHHRG>>>>> this one too! it's driving me insane! I second anyone who says "Ah... DBSK, almost every girl likes em" I can't agree more. (LOLZ I sound like an activist) but I am one my self. I can't wait till "Vacation" is out! hahaha.... my Kawaii Oppa Changmin (to all Max fans... bite me so you'll take out but one more fan of him kekeke:WtUlokat: ). I reckon I've never gotten over them so far... who knows... I still love F4 soo..... I dunno I feel so dorkeey

I'm Shopping for what?
stuff I just thought that I should check out. So don't hurt me when I tell you that I've never gotten myself a copy of any Fiona Sit albums..... I dunno I just erm... I dunno I just, I just felt like getting this Fiony album but I think she's a great singer. But Janice Wei totally pawns her, and yet I don't own any of her albums either :ohjoy!:

I hope this one's worth my money... Man, I'd bite Fiona sit if this ain't good! LOL but I should know better than to buy a 5.5./10 rated album which this album is. Don't ask me why it's a 5.5/10 rated album. I haven't heard it yet, but I'll tell you when I check it out anywaysevilsmile

There is also something new from Shinhwa, I'm looking forward to this one. If Rain's the K-singer releasing a Jpop album, Shinhwa is the K-group releasing an album this month! Being resonable, since I checked out their Sun in Our Hearts Signle.... ah I could only say "not so bad" for the Jpop music. Or maybe I'm not listening to Shinhwa all that much. After all they used to be just as hot as DBSK or should I say... "THEY PAWN DBSK!!!" ... you tell me, I don't want any debates tonight.

Minwoo Rocks! :fails arms: LOL....

MARZ #1 ENEMY "Over-rated People"
ok here's todays drama... Today we had to watch a friggin' play called "Noli Me Tanghere" (with much love to the author) I should say it's not quite bad but the audience was bad. Including er... theres no hating from me but I seriously dislike those "posers" who tried to show off on the way to the theater. Maybe I'm over-acting but I think I've been more pissed of by the 'posers' and I don't exactly know what you could call them but in my word I just call em "rude students" (that's to keep me from calling thing uneducated fools) Again! not that I'm hating but I just seriously dislike them. I can live with them poppin' into my life every once a year but putting up with kids like em... uhg... it's worse than eating vegetables!

[Excerpt from the Dictionary of god knows what]
Popular belief is that preps hate nerds/goths/punks/etc, however,
generally, preps pay little attention to other "types," and those who
hate preps with the most passion are those who were once preps and have
recently gone away from their previous behavior, and often people who
are posers intent on protecting their alternative-ness.

Prep has become to be nearly synonymous with conformist, to the point
where most preps have been in denial of their typecast, and it is seen
as an insult in the eyes of many.

Preppy is the adjective form, Preppily is the adverb.

you be the judge anyway ... I'm too lazy to post pics or what so ever dizzle I could think off..

KAT-TUN X ARASHI X LEAD, Top three awesome Jpop Groups.... that is excluding Tara if you people know "HIM" yes he's a guy. Apprently I'm quite lost in what band this guy is in some people say this and that so I don't know which is which so yeah. Anyways show some love to AN CAFE too! they just as good! except their J-rock so what did they have in common with KAT-TUN, ARASHI, or LEAD? I have no idea. Since those are my new top 5 Jpop groups, W-inds is slipping away to the 4th position, I still like em tho.

while Namie A. is topping my ideal fashionists.... I've seen her in Popteen's March '05 issue.... awesome! she looks Kawaii just as always

What's happening to me? I'm actually trying to study "reading" Japanese but I'm not to crazy about it since it's got Chinese characters in the alphabet... I'll just keep quite... I don't know anything anyway :hahafuny(skeptic):

I have to run... there's so much to do...

Later days....

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