What will the jury decide?

Here it is again, the feeling of not being believed, It hasn't happened once it's happend quite alot of times but I know this won't be the worst ever yet. But it feels like it to be ridiculed for doing absolutely nothing and taking responsibility

The way I am
I am strong will not falter, the feelings no matter how bitter I keep it and swallow it whole.

The Problem
Something to do with making the name of my school dirty in a less offensive way... will justice prevail for those who had nothing to do with the issue?

My concience
Since I'm a moderator of the said forum, I feel that I carry the responsibility. I carry something else no one else does, it's my individuality of responsibility. I let my guard down and I'm responsible for my actions

the consiquences
-The fact that my parents doesn't know that I'm included in the issue
-disgracing myself
-being emotionally stabbed
-seeking revenge
-can't concentrait

the wrongs
I have done nothing wrong, I only take part in the responsibility but not in the crime, not that I'am the one behind it. But sad as it is the wrongs I see not in me but in others. AND I HATE IT

What I want to say
right now after a vey long time I have a reason to hate and a reason to be upset because of unreasonable people.

The effect on me
- Nervous Break down

to those involved:
You got what you want, I surrender yet you haven't directly attacked me but I see your purpose... and it's because your jealous. Even if you don't make it seem like that. You try to bring me down. I still have the heart to forgive you but I doubt that your that sincere to even take it.

You don't need it, you don't ask for it. I won't let karma or me do our time on you. I'll let god do his job. I just do as I know how it's done and fulfill my responsibilities. When I get better, when I'm not like this. You should know that you were in one point also at wrong. STUPID I should tell you but your not, or at least I thought you were.

I'll just be quite I don't have to really tell you. Your smart you should know anyway.........

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