Past few days

where have I been? well I was out most of the time, hmm... where to I start? ... ah yes I'll cut the story short that's what I'm good ne'ways LOL :ohjoy!:

I made something don't worry... it's just not finished... what you think of it?


I don't know weather it's me being critical or what but I'm not so happy with my club at school... I don't know ok I didn't say I hate it like "what" but I don't think we'll get very far with the activities. bcoz:
  1. we only meet once a week
  2. we only have 1 hour to do "what"
  3. some one will lag the whole group
  4. it's basic stuff (As I said not that I'm complaining- I)
with all respect I'm just stating the facts.... this morning one of the club mods was teaching us how to act "falling" (falling - after being shot, being pushed, ect... take a wild guess)... In the back of my head I said: "Shoot me! I ain't going to learn anything just yet"

oh yeah to those who think I'm being pessimistic today, don't be! :ohjoy!:

I'm getting addicted to DBSK.... if I haven't told you guys yet the the school's airconditioning system got busted (and won't get fixed till who knows when) we have to open the classroom windows...

I don't know when I'll get the chance to get a picture of the scene from the classroom window while we're still allowed to leave the window open. We had free time thats why I felt so random Albie, Dennis, Princess, & I went by to the window sill and get some fresh air... since it was SO FREAKIN' HOT in the classroom having only one electric fan (lucky me the fan is positioned right in front of me)... It was a refreshing scene... but Candy came near by the window sill and started waving at the familiar people walking outside (we're on the third floor btw)

I was crazy enough to call out from the window "ya! ChangMin oppo sarang handago" (Love me Max!) ... Candy was probably thinking I was alot more crazier than she thought I was.... haha she even tried to cover my mouth when I was saying it. LoLz

I heard that DBSK is comming out with a new drama called "vacation" I think? but already have the OST single... it's cute. I don't know why but I rarely find ballads cute. In my point of view... I just might be lacking sleep....The single cover is really nice... u should see it for yourself! Or you can check it out in the TVXQ official website.... U-know is looking good except he looks like he's gain weight with his hair style. The episode titles are based from DBSK songs and WOOT It's Max and Xiah again.... but at least they can avoid the U-know X Hero love story like they did in the banjun theater. LOL

PePsiiii Babiiii

the one thing you have to stop me from liking right now is Pepsi just pepsi... I don't know what to do now.

I gotta run fore I run out of logic..... Sorry if I can't reply to all of the comments but I'll try my best to reply.

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