Kaja Get Friday

I haven't been blogging lately since well I've been busy with skool which is actually good I'm making imporvement and I hope I do good this first quarter and for the rest of the school year... I dunno I don't want to screw up this thrid year since my 3rd year grades will be a key point in getting myself into collage

Is it me or does Apop Music just keep getting better and better? I just got hooked with PUFFY's new album SLURGE and SOUL'd OUT's "Remixes & Outside" album... awesome awesome! I can't wait till I get my hand on the new Arashi Album... that's just hot! I got to check it out last month and dope! I knew I had to get myself a copy of it! Altho I dunno why SOUL'd OUT got cats for the album cover... oh wells I don't complain that much about the cover... as along the music is good.

[Now Playing: SOUL'd OUT - Pop'latinum Top~PSYCHO MAINTENANCE~]

Marzie Sick of S.E.
What S.E.? sex education... well the way some of my not so open minded classmates keep ruining the atmosphere for alittle less sickening time studying Health the time around... I swear I could have puked right on the spot while the discussion was going on during Helth class.... and it sucks coz well... it just does! to the point that I'd rather do Math instead of listening to the health teacher explain the types of STD (sexually transmitted disease)... oh lord.... BUT... I do aprove of one thing... (Kris I hope you don't mind me putting this one up :ohjoy!: )
that's probably the best understanding I can ever get in Health Class WOH! :hhmEvil:

DEFOs a Wonderful Life
I've just started watching MBC's "Wonderful Life" It's such a cute drama! It's really funny too! Although it ight take awhile for me to finish this drama before I can write my reaction paper for it. I can't wait to see what happens next... Ithink 'Shibi' is a very kawaii girl... sho kyo!!

Portugal Didn't Make it... YET
This bites! to the last minute I was rooting for Portugal to win against France but alas.... France Pawns Portugal... but on the bright side they have one more game against Germany... and I'm not that eager to know who'll win but If I'm not lazy I'll watch the game ^_^.

As for France V.S. Italy... I hope France wins.... Italy, well maybe they can change my mind for a bit but still you'll catch me rooting for France.

Well I s'pose that'd be all for t'night.. I have to sleep early... I got to run and sign up for my club tomorrow... which reminds me to bring my cammera for any photo-ops... or what not ^_^, Suprise! I'm actually going to try-out for the Drama club... but if the person I'm tried to avoid will be there... then you can eat my dust coz I have YDC duty on the line !!!

Till here y'alls Take care. mwahahahahaha I'm soo er... LOLZ!

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