It's Raining Go Crazy

phew... I haven't blog in awhile now...

ok back to the business... Today gawd.... exams are stress... and gots stress written all over it. But I'm glad theres Saturday & Sunday, but it ain't the end just yet. After school I had to head of to work and I had to do some dj-ing for about 2 PLUS hours... not much of a big deal everything went smoothly and I got to go home early too.

Thank god for yestedays Typhoon... and since there was a typhoon classes were suspended yesterday. I finally got the chance to catch up with my sleep! I remember clealy that I slept some time around 12 and I woke up 12noon time yesterday but enough about that... that's just the boring stuff.

now that's gewd! LOL

ne'ways I got a whole new line up of Asian Pop Music and my hot pick would be Kenny Kwan's "mie no sagashite" and Arashi's "ARASHIC" which I will be playing on Album Sounds tomorrow when I DJ so yeah.

Two really awesome albums that you have to get your hands on.... and me... well I'm alittle bit busy so yeah I gotta run :ok!:

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