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Today @ skool wasn't so bad... Well it was bumming to the fact that I got a minus on my Filipino test and I brought my PE uniform for nothing. It's not that bad really... today I got to join the offeres in the Mass tho I have a different religion well if it's god then... God Bless U! anyways I was lucky enough to bring the cammer with me but I didn't get to film the Club orientation...

oh yeah come to think of it there were alot of absentees today... I was looking forward to be one of them but nah.... forget it evilsmile I had way too good picture oportunities to miss....

Interesting stuff that I like about my class... I have a Korean classmate who's willing to sing just to get an excused for a test, crazy classmates, fun classmates, silly classmates, childish, weird / retarded, and one not-so-i-dunno kind of classmate Drool I dunno go see for yourself.

(Left: Vinson ; Right: Candy fixing Gilberts Hair (but why is Gilbert like D'oh!!)

that's what technically builds up the student body of the third year Wisdom.... we don't do crazy stuff for the heck of it.... we do it to entertain people... I don't see us get in trouble so... Why Not?:ohjoy!:

Anyways the original Club time was eaten by our Science subject since we had alot more topics to catch up on since the mid-quarterly exams is comming up next week (and I haven't studied). Cess made Me, Albie, and Dennis take a short quiz on stuff... lahahahaha LOLZ... it's like those psychology tests that you have to share with other people. I dunno but I was suprised with my answers. I feel 'enlightend' and I'll keep my answers to myself

Getting Candy to sing.
Candy (Hyo Jung) is like one of my favorite Korean classmates that I've had in high school, she's cute, funny and sometimes wild. Anyways when she started to sing for the class so that she would be exempted, I've always tried to make her sing "I Miss You" originally sung by Kim Bum Soo. Since stairway to heaven is a quite popula drama here in Philly.. I dunno man I never really took the time to watch it I just like the song. She finally sung it today! (oh what luck!! :ohjoy!: ) and I even caught it on vid.

Awesome! But She still didn't finish the song... I don't know why but I think she doesn't like Stairway to Heaven but she can sing SG Wannabe's song (I forgot the title) and GAVY NJ's "Happiness" from begining to end. I remember that she sang this Frog song and Three Little Bears (Marz's favorite Full House Song "Gomsemari" (both kiddy songs in Korea) with actions on the first time we ever heard her sing.

I hope she doesn't stop cheering-up the class even if she's having a hard time copping up with us.

Random Questions.
I got the liberty to ask some people 'Random Questions' Here are some of it:
Micheal (Question: If there is any part of a house you want to extend what would it be and why?)

I haven't gotten to the real random stuff yet so I'll keep you guys posted... till here take care

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