No 'Wub'

god... This is complicated.. or maybe at least that's what I think.

anyways back to the drama... (or what not) tomorrow I got a short group play up for tomorrow and I hopes that I dun forget my camera... I wanna catch this dizzle and see what you think about someone know or If I don't make sense yet I want the word to know that theres no fine line between 'like' and 'love'... there's just a major difference between the two so if you know what I'm saying... GOD BLESS YOU:irule:

I suppose I only like guys to the point of favoritism and nothing more. Someone (some people) think I'm going out with my friend so if those people happen to be reading this post. F*U! trying to make a living out of rumors! (sorry for the word but sometime you need to scold people for them to learn):time4bed:

Medicom's already released the 'BE@RBOOK'

now chill.. jus coz I haf the pics doesn't mean I have it... My boi J doescanttakeit (propz 2 u for d pics Luv ur cam!) he said if I'm nice to him he'd get me one but I doubt he will since this things are expected to be sold out by the time I get the chance to get one canttakeit But if he really meant that he would have just given his copy to me evilsmile LoLz selfish me

that's it I have a long run test tomorrow. Catch ya'll later

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