Marz Actin' A Fool

I can't believe I've agreed to put myself in a postion such as what I've done earlier today at the play. Since I'm suppose to watch everything go in it's proper order just yesterday I left timing spot for the acting role canttakeit .... Man I feel like I'm suuuch a doofus, I can only accept the fact that James Brown knows how to act a fool but not me

^ James Brown Acting a Fool

^ Me Acting A Fool

I don't need you to tell me how ridiculous I sound.... It's just horrible enough to think I did that :WtUlokat:

Class Just Gets keeping boring
After class blues... when there's absolutely nothing to look forward to.

^ Hyo Jin & Me:ok!:

That's a vid of what class is like during free time... lucky me to be able to clip it!

More Vanness Wu
More pics of Vanness Wu As Requested by Olivia (from Xanga)

^ From 'Dragon Squad' (Good Action movie!)

^ Pic Showwall pic Coutesy of NNJyou

The Play Where I act a fool

Not only do I act a fool but I deliberately make a fool out myself for this play.... So Yeah BITE U who ever is resposible for it.... and I'm pretty much upset that oh well whatever let's not make a big deal out of it....

New Tunes
My 5th fave Jap Group LoLz but their the number 1 on my Kpop group list... LoLness....

The New Single 'Begin' is out and I'm lovin their song Begin and High Time... Their really goood.. CHang Min!!!! Saranghaeyo Oppa!!!!!!! ILove

Climbing up on the No. 3 Spot on good JPop groups is LEAD which is totally making W-inds slip away in a rapid pace... Dude! W-inds used to be no. 3 in my books but after their Ageha album... not alot of their songs sounded right to meDizzy . Check out Lead's 'Summer Madness' single but I wouldn't recommend buying it if your up to saving money since their new album is already comming out!!!!!

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