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don't ask why I said 'wok' when I really mean Work LoL...

Vanness Wu
Introducing the Philippine's Favorite F4 Member whom I personally think is the most hottest F4 member... and best singer in the group.. check these out!

^days before he first came to the Philippines (from Thailand)

^ Vanness and..... Vivian Hsu? (don't ask... personally I think they make a good couple)

^ @ the 2006 GMAs ^

^ Van. at the 2006 GMA's ^

Wasn't that hot or not???? :p

Shopping X Working
I thought I could use this Saturday to catch up on the games I missed out but ended up going on a shopping X working spree day... gladly I had enough time to start my Grammar Report but I'm still gonna die out doing the rest tomorrow (Sunday) supposedly the day I work on MarzMusic but nah... I'll work on the uploads hopefully later tomorrow night... I need sleep too.

I had the whole afternoon to do nothing but Mum and Dad wanted to go to Tiendisitas (Sp?) I dunno man... they just wanted to buy a dog cage.... Waahahaha I'll finally get rid of my stinkin' dawgs.... but I still get to keep one... my favorite one. Wahahah I'm so sadistic ... or maybe I've just lost it again -_-'

The Unforgetable Appearance
compared to loving and choosing.... someone once told me that in choosing someone you want to like is like choosing that 'particular thing' you want to buy.... it's very rare to find something that pleases you and makes you want to buy it immediately... do you actually understand what I'm talking about? ok nevermind forget it.... I just saw someone I used to really like in the grocery... (discloses all other information)

Uh... well I ain't saying who it was I saw but I felt like a complete fool... no, no, that was more like I started acting a fool when I saw him... I was like "god... seriously... your being too good to me!" but really I was like dying with extreme happiness in me... I was like OMG!! it's HIM!! I swear my brother would have almost called me crazy after seing the way I started to act. Uhg I'm going to die!!!! (due to the fact that my brother knows this guy).... I think that this guy thinks I'm insane too but I hope not :P.

If I we're to describe that guy....:
He's got the coolness of Edison Chen + Se7en
The Smile of Kim Jung Hun + Kim Jae Won
The Charisma of Won Bin + Kwon Sang Woo + Hyun Bin
The Looks of Prince Charles (yeah the royal dude! altho he ain't Asian)
The wits of some really smart dude
The cuteness of Max Shim (DBSK)
The Seriousness of Hero Kim & Jung YunHo (both DBSK)
The Kawaiiness of Kim JunSu (DBSK)
and a lil' something something from YooChun (DBSK)

Totally My dream guy... i don't really want to own him.. he's deffinitely too much for me (I Know what I'm saying lah!)ok you can totally mock me for being so low for that guy now but later on (or tomorrow) I'll be more that pissed that I even saw that guy.... UHG>... He's Still KAWAIII!!!!!!!!!!!! I can practically fill this post with all the cute Asian Personalities I know and yet they still don't compare to him... He's so cute! So cute to the point that me and my best friend even fought over who should like him 0_0... but I was kind back then (and I had someone whom I thought was worth liking)

I can't really say if theres alot of girl that likes him BUT from the looks of it... There is lots of girls chasing him.... I'd be one of them but my brother consider(s) me as "one of his fans" which I am so not! It'd more like my bestfriend's the one who'd go after him... not me but He's Sooo Kawaii!! so, if ever my bestfriend reads this post.... Please don't kill me... you can't stop me from saying how Kawaii he is ^_______________^

He's Shooooo Kawaiii...... I can go on for days!!!!!!! LOL ok I'll stop saying Kawaii.... Let me tell you really happened. I was in the noodle isle when I saw him comming towards me (he was leaving the isle obviously) then I was like

... 0_0
.... that wa- OH MY!!!

then I was

... 0_0
...........XD!!! *jumping while holing a stack of instant noodles* KAWAAIIIIIIIII!!!!!!

LoL... I told you you can't stop me from saying how KAWAIII he was ... I was InSANE I tell you... But since I was with my whole family doing groceries (why we're we all together? I had no idea).

What Happened next you ask? Well I was way to eager to see him again... BUT something wasn't quite right. I saw his brother.... his's (completely opposite from him brother >_<)... I was like *GASP* in front of my brother in one isle and he totaly thought I was loosing it (because I didn't tell him whom I saw earlier). Me: *Big Gasp* My Brother: -_-' Oh no... she's hit her crazy buttonDizzy

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