have I lost it?

I must admit for a person like me, the world is a pretty big place and I can too get lost in emotions though I don't look at life that way... that doesn't make life any better if you understand me.

Japan is so GOne now! and Tobago is so outta here!!! Right now I plan to watch the match UKRAINE V.S. TUNISIA it's Live... but I I'm more interested in the match between Spain and Saudi Arabia.... ahkk... *spazzz*

I dunno where to start watching these games... I never really got to watch em on tv -_-'.... curse school!... I swear I could have stayed up late to watch it.... and now I feel preppy coz I'm hearing Kangta & Vanness... I bought the 'Chinese Delux' version of their Scandal Single so I have two copies of the Korean Single techinically

I dunno I'm eally excited ofver the live game I wanna watch what I can after I end all conversations and business shizzles on the messenger...

I seriously gotta watch this game! *runs-off*

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