New favorites of the month

if a fisherman had his days of "no catch" or a "rare catch" that day would be today... and today I'm that fisherman(fisher-woman) with that "rare catch"

since I moved to RuWa I don't get as much music as I used to when I was still in MarzoPop but I'm not complaining yet

Todays Rare catch:


both real good stuff..... stuff that you ought to not miss or else....

Man just the fact that (at least) half of Shinhwa needs to go to the army.... it's a normal thing to the Koreans to serve their country.... it's ok with me but .... NOOOOO Not Shinhwa!!..... I guess that proves that they too are human too ya know

today my mum made me check out hotels in HK... bummer I think the Metropole is going through renovation... the one thing I don't like about HK hotels.... they work even if their guests in the next room ... let alone the staff lets you even use the room next to the construction
and that just sucks! with a capital "S" (X_X).... I don't know why but seems like I'm really excited about the family trip to HK.... it's the first time I'll get to HK with my family... I just hope my dad doesn't back out from the trip like he usually does.......

hmmm that seems to be it for the day... I got night activities to attend to Lmao! ^_^

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