The New International Relations Coordinator

guess who's the "International Relations Coordinator" is hahaha this is going to be fun!

after hearing the stuff I get to do for being a IRC well seems pretty cool but it'll get complicated since Terry hasn't explained it to me clearly. but so far I've heard I'll be doing
-Coordinating with the foreigners (DopE! that's the main job of a IRC)
-I won't get to go DJ-ing :cry: ( but that's ok because, I'm getting tired of saying "Hey Ya'll, your listening to MarzoPop Philippines. This is your host Qi En"):relaxing:

that's all I've heard so far. and it seems interesting. Let's leave the pay part alone. I'm not sharing any digits this time kekeke. Anyways MPop's already got me started with the other company. Dope! It's a sister company of MarzoPop that I'll be working for anyways. This only points to the conclusion that I need to focus my time more on Asian Pop then ever before. I might even shut down my website :(..... speaking of the website. It's going through alot of changes so I'm really really busy lately.

and since I'm going to be IRC, I have to shape up on my Chinese (Mando + Canto), but currently I'm still ?? ??:ohjoy!: but I still can't type Korean so Ioono how I'll work with it. Don't get fooled... I'm not the only IRC of the company, We're a team actually. I'm the Philippines representative so I better do good and get some foreigners in the Country while I'm at it.

Nan ??? doesn't know about it yet. But I'll get the feeling that he knows. Last night we ate at Alba's a resto in Tomas Morato Aiyah! Minus points for this IRC for BRAGGING her dinner lah! :hhmEvil: anyways I loved the food, esp dessert It's been awhile since I've had anything Spanish. And YES MY CONSCIENCE IS EATING ME DYLAN! :cry:

I'm looking forward to working at _____________ (make a good guess first). Dope! this is crazy! I mean I love the thought of getting all these contacts with different people from different walks of life. Perhaps I wouldn't be too solitary for awhile in this job.

So I better leave coz there's still a lot to be done lah ^_^

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