Close your ears, and maybe even your eyes too!

Who's one the current "Music List" lately ya ask?
well there's one new bippity-boppety rapper called "Crown J"

have ya ever heard of him before? I haven't infact this is the first time I got to check him out. And GOD! Someone from Mpop must have submitted the wrong cd to me!

I started listening to Crown J and I noticed how "gangster" (or how dirrty) the song gets... "Neat!":relaxing: I said. so there's an alternative to Sergio Mendes who serves up the Easy listening tunes.

Now, to not set the wrong foot on the matter... What kind of music does Mr. Mendes have? well one of the most classic latin beats MODERNIZED! just imagine it. If ya can't here's a link to the review I've done on his timeless album. It's really cool you gotta check it out. Here
you can also stream it from that site. And if it's possible. add me to ya friends there. I'm pretty much alone there kekeke :ohjoy!:

recently I've been disregarding my DJ-ing job for the mean time coz of the transition phase. Seems like their moving me to a lifestyle or fashion company anyway... I mean who said I can sing properly in the first place lah!?!?! evilsmile so what's been keeping me busy lately? I've been on the fixing with a few stuff at MPop.
my current project is about "Oh! Phil-Seung" (a.k.a. Oh Phil Young!).
Oh Pil-Seung!

so you might get the idea I'm studying Hangul? yes I am and very serious about it. anyways I've got a lot of other things to worry about for the mean time. like the next project. I've heard it'd be talking about JDorama. Maybe I can ask help from Akira then.... I have no idea about Japanese "Language". I'm more keen on my Chinese and Korean.

I think my next project would be either "1 Litre of Tears" or "nobuta wo produce" I have yet to go learn about it from my friends. Dizzy
I guess that's all for now... I gotta run back to bussiness ^_^ :fails arms:

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