this is the best S.Y. ever in my entire life! I wish it'd be like this next year. Today there was a concert held and the bands preforming were those from the High School Division of the Masbate site and phew! It was better than I expected. Well that is everyone who was performing. I thought I'd be listening to bands I'd throw rock, paper, scissors at Dizzy but then they're all good I love the 2nd year's performance I just loved the effect of the remake to the listeners... I dunno, I mean I could just go out and listen to the real thing but this was way more convenient.... and cheaper by the dozen if ya get what I mean uh...yah

At the beginning of the Day, I was suprised to see Joko early... who barely even does come early. I guess he too was hyped up about performing today, after the morning activities we went up and did nothing. We we're just talking... while the others who were going to perform prepared their equipment.

=The guys doing sound check and setting up equipment=
some people (*like ME AND CESS) were busy trying to figure out why Albie wasn't in such a good mood oooh! realy? ... coz that was since yesterday DOPE! sure thing was that the others had to prepare some banners, that was what Vanessa (I think it was Vanessa) who prepared SOUL'ed OUT's banner just right beside BAND-AID (1st year band)

After awhile after not showing my face to Albie and Cess (woot I actually did that?!?! maybe Albie was upset coz of me ya think? WOH! DOPE! I mean who wouldn't once in a while?!?!? :panting: kekeke :ohjoy!: ) I got busy getting my clearance signed and I was taking pics with sum-o me other friends. Until it was time for the performance

ok so after everything got ready it was time to get the students to the quadrangle... The mini concert was about to start.
Then to my suprice. HECK! I didn't know we would have Emcees.. but anyways Sir Alfred and Mrs. Ramos (ex-Miss Gaudia) hosted it only in the start of the show

OK! so I dun wanna hold you up there I'll just keep talking... the first act... (I'd say opening act LmAO!) were the first year's BAND-AID (LOL! wat chu call the thing on my would LOL! evilsmile )

they were doing good, then Miss Abad joined them for a number. She sang "Huling El Bimbo" Originally by Eraserheads. :irule: not so bad keke (hey I like Miss Abad singing!Drool )

=Miss Abad holding the mic for Joseph after singing her line=
then after LETS JUST SKIP IT ... As much as I don't want to coz I'm lazy we'll have to fast forward to SOUL'ed OUT's performance. Ne'ways as I promised here's the vids:


Call that short but if you want the full length of it, go ask Gilbert he's got it but I don't think he can upload it.


(PART 1)

(PART 2)

(PART 3)

(PART 4)

as I've said if ya want the full length go ask from Gilbert


(PART 1)

(PART 2 ft. Jasmine of Gr. 4)

(PART3 ft Jasmine of Gr. 4)

ANd there it is, I'll just post up more vids if you ask for it. Ok Back to Picture blogging Lmao... ( Man this is hard making a vid + pic blog SOOOOO HARD! Dizzy )

=SOUL'ed OUT ft. Miss Abad "Torete" orig. by Moonstar88=

=SOUL'ed OUT ft. Kayla "Wag na Wag mong sasabihin" orig. by Kitchie Nadal=

and yeah so I haven't mentioned anything about food haven't I? well while the concert was going on, Food was coming in each section's and level's rooms, it's like "theres a party ovah here theres a party over there" ( ya dig?:WtUlokat: o'course u don't lah! kekeke :ohjoy!: )

=omg someone SLICED Ms. Abad's CAKE! :hahafuny(skeptic): =

=Carbonara by Recyn was another "sellout" :ohjoy!: =

I took some pics after I received my Class picture, keke that was cute too

=SOUL'ed OUT (from left to right) Carlo Saguiguit, Apo Amontos, Gilbert Mina, Joko Fernandez=

=The vocalist (Apo) and the bassist (Gilbert)=

=YDC club members 2nd year + friends=

=Joko Gor, Bestie Albie, n Me=

and here goes.... nothing dramatic but I might miss this guys just a weeny bit

soon as much as I hate it we had to do the cleaning to get "us" cleared wit our adviser

=the paper rubbish we took out yesterday=
The Serious comedy

There we all were at the bus all ready to go home. I'm just more than glad that we didn't have any emotional separations. We're all good no drama :irule: .

=Lollipop from Ms. Flores=
and the last pic I'll take with Albie in the bus for the S.Y. 05-06

And to end this post.... is this avatar I made for all the "Soul'ed OUT fans" out there. ok so I know they just performed awhile ago but I'm a fan of em keke:fails arms:
90x90 YM Avatar<- Ask for it if ya want it

Oh great that was a load of my back... it's now vacation time baby! kekeevilsmile