Ride the wind

I believe that in the most humble terms it's everyday that we learn something. Although I dislike the sound of being humble itself. Is that a bad thing?

was our purpose in life to ruin something once in a while? always? I don't know.

I decided not to join Bernadette tomorrow, and since due to the fact that my mum disallowed me to go out to a place that she doesn't even know off. I actually feel good. I want to get away. somewhere far... not up high, just far and quite until I feel uneasy and want to go home (it really wouldn't take that long).

Shall I go? now just thinking about it, I actually appreciate the people who make me smile, even in the most pointless way. True, I don't like being SAI HEI all the time but somethings got to give ya know?

Right now, I'm still under recovery and I have not idea up to when. Unfortunately there are some "negative forces" making my recovery harder. It's not so easy when you think about it that way. I never was, but I still try.

Jie Jan is currently the buzz of T.S.. now I really admire her! even if she's got Kan Kan who hogs up the popularity in the family she's just their taunting him coz she's more ... ummm howdya say... "socialite" , I dunno man. I've been in and out of the socialite world currently.... and that is worldly socialite FYI.

I need to visit the doctor soon if I want a speedy recovery. Or even better get out of my post b4 I start rambling about the "negative forces" that keeps on getting on to me... Wish me luck ^_^

Later Days

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