Mini Fair '06

Not such a bad FD Well I wouldn't have said "not such a bad FD" just coz of the freakin' bouncy air balloon place... DOPE! I was jumping in there with a skirt on, good thing only 1 guy was in there among all us girls and OMG! there was a dude there, that was Lester (Young)... not questions, didn't see anything anyways

truth be told I really didn't have any plans of going to skoo today it's just that... well extra corricular grade shizzles or in simpler terms I WANT THE GRADE!
but I don't think there really is going to be any... ah lor...

Here's my "Photo Blog" (too lazy to upload the vid blog; please excuse my typo's I'm really sloppy with images that I mess with)
Yea yea so I went looking like that
wait till you see the bottoms I'm playing with reality.... DOPE! I wore that... it's very Ioono.... and No it didn't come with the lil' dog.

To Start the day, we went to VC quite late and had to get a stamp on the entrance so yeah I didn't like how the Marriage booth looked like, and we just started to prepare stuff and got the first priest ready then I started taking picture of the couples... unlucky for you, you won't get to see them. I decided not to post all of em' up coz I respect their privacy coz not all of em willingly got married. So during duty I got pictures with the people nearby < Yeah thats right Ed BE jealous... BE VERY jealous...
then I took a little break from duty Luis took over (meaning I don't have all the couple's pictures). then I walked over to Alex for a pic then Me, Claire, n Cess continued to walk further... to check if there was a bus going home because we we're freakin' bummed with the fact that we weren't really having fun AT ALL! and then suprise suprise! there were late comers!
so we got walking back to the booth Poor Me and Cess had to endure another boring hour of duty at the booth

for awhile I was either walking aimlessly around the campus or doing "booth duty" or whatever I felt like doing. Sitting down, trying to cool myself oof or something I dunno. I felt super bored but a some point I finally had my first experience of the Jail booth.... I've never been in there but I've gotten near experiences..... I think that place is cute.... maybe I'll deliberately get myself jailed next year that is if I feel like it or if I'm even going there. Truth is I've been eying this Inflated balloon place (for jumping at)..... dope lots of kids we're lining up and I was more than eager to go jump in there..... even if I had my skirt on , anywas I ended up having a ball in there...

coz after the 2nd year girls (that would include me) dominated that place after the lil' kiddies we're done the boys from the higher level wanted to go in too LOL! I was just laughing coz I was really having fun... I felt like a little kid again.

So after awhile more we finally get to go home..... YAY WHOOPEE!!! but eh well, you see most of us who took the bus had their own gimmik after but the bus wasn't allowed to drop anyone at the mall this time so.....

with the help of alittle more icing on the cake after all the "non-bus1-riders" got out I suggested that we go out to mickey-d's (or however I wanna say mic-d's hahaha) and it's on me. Well except prolli for Cheska and Recyn.

when I got out there were this group of girls staring at me.... dope I prolli looked like whore to them I wouldn't be too suprised if they'd try to copy me That's prolli the only most upsetting thing that could make me happy LmAO!!

and that's it I ended y day playing with my dog.... har har.... I'm so dorky.... ok whatever you wanna call me... just don't say it in front of me... I dun hav 2 hear it

Oh yeah I almost forgot... I made these cute avies from the family day too bad I haven't saved the others... I'll just have to re-make em again I guess

I'll be changing my Layout and it won't be asian pop this time... I'm too lazy to make any right now

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