It's just not the same anymore

Unlike the Twins concert for a change everything seemed peaceful as Bob Ong would say "di na ako kailang lagyan ng blindfold ng kidnapper, kahit makita ko pa yung daan sa sasakyan eh di rin ako makakabalik" (the kidnapers wouldn't need to blind fold me, even if I see the way from the vehicle I'm at I still can't find my way home).... Proof that I have been reading Bob Ong's "Paboritong Libro ni Hudas" (pic I posted up before hand)

neways, I have no pics of the f4 concert... it was more than I could describe! and it was loads more crazier than the Twins concert... well for once I'm not in the mood to scream anymore. I had a really bad voice this morning.
It was crazy!

that reminds me... time to state the difference of HK and Manila
1.) Concert days...
-Pasig: Ok! so F4 is here right? imagine the crowd of the Ultra stampede being there!~ well except their a little bit more organized..
-HumHong: They can take in that much!?!?!?!? how about 100 Sumo wrestlers ah!?!?!?!

2.) Bargain Shopping...
-Quiapo: Crowded and Dirty (but sometimes take the effort to go clean it up)
-Causeway Bay: Crowded and Dirty (but takes the effort to go clean it up)

3.) Lodging
-Q.C / Makati: Home is where the heart is
-Yau Tsim Mong: 3rd Home is where I live (kekeke Kidding!)

4.) Entertainment.
OK I shouldn't have brought this up but Philippine cinema only catch my attention once in a blue moon... HK WINS

5.) food
-Philippines: the most exotic and appetising food I'll ever eat ......EVER
-Hong Kong: I was eating WHAT?!!!!!

6.) Toilets (don't let me be the one to tell you) :time4bed:
When In the Philippines: "thank god I finally found the restroom!"
When in HK: "OMG! I gotta go back to the hotel dude!"

7.) Tourist attractions
-Philippines: Wow very cultural! (all they need now is the clean up!)
-HK: WoW! It's Daniel Wu! kekekeke

8.) Island Hopping
-Hundred Islands / El Nido : Which island shall we go swimming today? Normal
-Lamma Islands (SP?): Which restaurants shall we eat at? Normal

9.) Churches and holy landmarks
-Philippines: "AMEN"
-Hong Kong: (* Bows)

10.) Theme Parks
-Philippines: "Have you gone to the town fair? how about EK?"
-Hong Kong: "Heck?!!?!? Disneyland? In Chinese?! kekeke... I havespent qua- time in FL" bored

11.) Words of Praise
-Philippines: "This is my homeland, come and visit us soon!"
-Hong Kong: "OMG! This is the land where I can just scoop-out the hottest people in the world!"

12.) Transportation
-MRT: Lots of Ads...

So at least ya'll have a clue on my outlook on HK and Philly.... yes it's just as good ... Same Level.. well that is in my Point of View.... LOVE man! I love both countries, their both beautiful.

I JUST SO LOVE VIC AT THE CONCERT I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE him! except He and Barbie... yeah so -_-' .... I'll go for Vanness instead! kekeke

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