FD... Family Day

Family Day!Today was my FD (Family Day) and yo! I dun excatly want to explain so here... go watch the videos anyway the ff vids are of the 2nd year wisdom's Performance

And here are some pics to add to that:

^Albie And Me

^ Captain Oblivious and Partner in crime, Mr. Bug Eye

^ The Two Blokes and Me

^ Me And Cheska.... She's got a new hair cut.... it just keeps getting shorter and shorter doesn't it?

^ Angelee and Me..... My hands are too shaky I assume

^ During the performance... well seems like I'm not the only who's not smiling

^ Mike And Me.... DOPE! you'll prolli be seing more of him if I take pictures at the next FD (Foundation Day) and PLUS the AFF (Food Fest)

^ Cess And Me

^ Ok, these we're the peeps from Villa.. actually just four of them were. I could prolli only name Raymund, Mark, and Vincent among those four and there is Luis from my section who played tag of war against the 4th Year

^ 4th year V.S. 2nd Year .... dut dut dut.... Sir Lucas (holding the rope) Sir Dyan (Red Shirt). The MC Sir Paul (in White)

The sight of 2nd year and 3rd year after the "guest counting" took place

^ Cess and Albie eating Ice Cream from FROTZZ I treated Albie for desert before we went home.

Well while I was there, there were also some student from SCS some 4th year students yahdi-yah ya know it's pretty normal but the fact that I was carrying a flag that was the same color as my shirt was pretty odd

and add to that.... BLIND ITEM!..... RoFL! Someone is SOOO going to be mad If I said but I'll just let you know that whatever that blind item was.... heheheheh well it's funny so don't ask... I'm doing her a favor

also I think well my friend from 1st year in Villa Corina ,Jarmaine, said to me that they saw me ... but eh I didn't see them.... I'm really either forgetful or just blind... I got bad eyesight ya knoe so sory If I didn't get to eve say "hi" awhile ago or something

now last things last I've got an FD on Monday; AFF on Friday also Quiz Bee Finals on that same day... and I'm imagining myself taking the test in my costume

Oh LOL! oh well gotta go feed the Llama ^_^