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I didn't get to blog yesterday because I thought there was too little to blog about so I'll be double blogging today.

March 21, 2006
My plans with my friends going to the mall pushed through, and I thought Albie couldn't join me and Cess. We went to the mall to get some pics developed, played 1 game of bowling and saw a familiar someone, (applies to Cheska, Girl wherever you are I think I should have told ya but nah, suprise yourself kekeke :ohjoy!: ). Bought Albie an early B-day gift, did a little shopping

(Something from "Cinderella")
and finally we went home and watched a movie...
I wouldn't believe Johanna when she said that this was a funny movie but yeah it was, a bit.. but quite gory; Surprisingly I got to stomach it. Bride of Chucky was CRAZY! I saw it when I was 7 years old.... good thing I don't get nightmares but Child's play WAS HORRIBLE... Chucky looked like ****!

BUT DANG IT! I missed out on the "House of fury" yesterday, that sucks! It was already in the big screen yesterday in SM but not today so I didn't get to watch it.
It's really bumming coz they showed it on Star Mandarin yet I didn't get to watch it, and now that it's here... I STILL DiDN'T GeT To WaTCH it Man!!! WOH! :WtUlokat: Then for the rest of the night I got bored so I decided to give out graphic Testimonials in Friendster. So Far my favorite is the one I gave Jo-Em.

Translation: "Mang Jose" the superhero you can humor with. He's like Daimos also, but he'll charge you afterwards WOH! LMAO! evilsmile

Oh yeah I almost forgot, we had a visitor yesterday. A relative on my mum's side of the family... so she's like one of my Grandmums but I call her "Auntie" ... dope! sweet talk makes them feel younger! :ok!:

News From The Dark Room....
(Dark Room View) Before:


kekekeevilsmile , Just playing ya! I didn't develop em... just a little magic trick I did without editing (except for resizing tho:ok!: )

March 22, 2006
today I asked my bro to go play bowling with me, since I had nothing better to do.
We went bowling and as my late b-day gift He payed for the second game! kekeke:ohjoy!: now he's got no money.... See what horrible lil' sis I can be:hhmEvil: I keep telling him in between games either that he was cheating coz he's better than me in bowling or "I'll ask your mom to go bowling with me". Dizzy I enjoyed bowling too much .

New additions to the collection...

I taunted my brother a lot today, well at least that what I think he thinks about me coz I had lots of money to spend. So I decided to buy a Bob Ong book. just loooove the books he writes! I can't wait to meet him in person and get the books autographed.
(Title is: "Judas's Favorite Book")

I got the feel that I had to buy it coz I realized how "UN BUSY" I'd be between transition weeks of my job in MarzoPop and besides their all getting ready for the MarzoPop Awards this April.... DOPE! add to that the MTVAA this May! I soo have to attend that! I mean Jessica, Jonny, and Venny already got invited but what about me? NADA! ZERO! NONE! :cry:

Remembeing afew days ago...
Yes that's right school is over and I noticed that I haven't re-opened my remembrance from Sir Alfred (see I actually have thoughful teachers?!?!! :hhmEvil: )

I have no idea where in my room to put it in so I returned it to the it's wrapper (keke I didn't rip the wrapper open :irule: )

New Media
New and Old Stuff that came in the mail the other day (which day? who knows?canttakeit )

-Tank - Fighting
-Rainie Yang - Meeting Love
-Rose Din - Second
-W-inds - Thanks
-Machi - 2nd opus

This week's schedule:
Well nothing much but I will be out of the country tomorrow evening, I'm off to HK again to Watch F4 LIVE!... kekek finally! and again! I get to see them. that is if nothing stands in the schedule again unlike the last time I went to HK to watch Twins Dizzy

god! they look hot in this pic! I can't wait to scream out my lungs for them on their concert! ILove
F4EVER as they say coz it always will be.....

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