Busy busy, and I'm most likely busy

I've just noticed how un-updated my Blogger was, and Yes I belive that blogger is a much better place to blog for those who are actually serious blodders unlike in Xanga, it's just fo shows... but totaly messy.

anyway today I was busy AGAIN! and I didn't even get to compete the day's taks but yeah I'll still have to get to finalizing somethings. Man! this transition stage is really complicated.

anyways Bernadette, Albie, and Cess came by yesterday. I felt sorry for myself that I didn't even had the time to entertain them. In contrast I brought them out to mini-stop to buy them sunday cones
(Dope that's the one in Korea, I'm not in Korea kekeke :hahafuny(skeptic): )

speaking of Korea, My latest project for MarzoPop was about the My Girl Drama (Mai Geol) which required me to watch the series.

Lee Jun Ki who plays as Jeong Woo..I simply love his character ILoveHe's just hot! sad thing is, SBS is trying to make him look like a girl! canttakeit

well let's forget about him, I have to deal with that later. Coz right now I have alot of Re-archiving to do with Blogger... I'll update till who knows when... Catch ya'll later ;)!

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