Birthday '06

Almost better than expected

Today was .... bigger than what I had expected and ends with something far from how I expected it to be. It was since yesterday since I thought that celebrating a birthday would require me celebrating the fact that my mum brought me out to this horrible (or not so horrible world)... I just took a few second to actually realize that after sobbing over stupid things. (dun ask :WtUlokat: )

and I was overwhelmed with the gifts I received, although there isn't alot of people who actually remembered that it was my birthday still some made the effort to even give me a gift in such short notice, and that deeply touches my heart :ohjoy!: (Xie Xie ni! THanks! ??)

and in contrary to the fact that I'm not allowed to go out today, DOPE! I was actually allowed but I don't think I'd be if only my friends weren't there. awww thanks sooo much-o LORD GOD!! The original plan was to tell me mum that I was going to the mall but instead go make a little detour to Cheska's youht gathering, but things changed instead of making alittle detour we ended up staying there for the rest of the afternoon. (I must say someone got ticked off * me lips r sealed!* :relaxing: ).

But I guess that the trouble of me going there was something, I reflected abit on how fashion get on to my head, and Gladly in Cheska's religion my fashion beliefs pass their beliefs. Actually we came in just in time for their activity, and whatever it was it included "walking the ramp". DOpE! That's why their youth gathering was called "rampa" (* rampa = ramp in english), so I'm more than happy that I am like how I am... when getting dressed 0_0. During my visit I met afew of Cheska's friends like Ate Jean, Ate Karen (who was very friendly in my POV), and some peep's I met b4 like Ate Osan & Kuya Mike.

Ok everyone is older than me (suprise suprise :hahafuny(skeptic): ).... anyways after the youth gathering, I was given a little b-day gift as a remembrance or a token of appreciation for actually coming there. :ohjoy!: but eh, it pretty much suprised me thats for sure. now I don't have a clue on when the next time I'll ever get 2 go to Cheska's church again keke

and phew that was a load of my back, I'm prolli still stuck trying to solve my money problems in buying that Mp3 Player, ah lor! I'm near to flat broke! PLUS I'll be switching companies so who knows how much I'll be getting DoPE!!!!!! ahrrr

oh well but I'm more than thankful for today.... tomorrow is just tomorrow..... but not just any kind of tomorrow but a "VACATION OPEN" tomorrow kekek! after school I've gotta reflect on my sched of activities, and I know I'll be very busy again! I better head straight home tomorrow after I was Nems perform keke evilsmile

Happy Birthday to Me and all my birthdaymates :ok!: Ya'll know who ye are

and special thanks to all those who greeted me and all the wonderful gifts!

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