Asian Food Fest

Today's the SCS's first Asian Food Fest, I'm more than glad to take part in it since it's the first time SCS is having a Asian Food Fest....

The Criticts:
+++ : Finally! some asian pop! in my skoo! so I wasn't the only one listening to asian pop :fails arms: ; We won best food (dope! we were a sell out! WOH!) ; we won as the champions (actually we share the spot with another group, Thailand) bored not that I'm trying to sound pessimistic but yeah, I'm more than happy that there is two champions, I can't wait to find out who'll win next year. :ohjoy!:

--- : ok here's the real deal, Just coz there's asian pop im my skool doesn't mean the music was off the heezy :hahafuny(skeptic): dope! I mean like doi! who plays Jerry Yan's "Wo shen de s
hen de hen ai ni" or F4's "At the first Place" or "Love's Terrain" on aFood fest like that? We need pummpin music.... Lexy compensated for that... lah hahaha dope I dunno the song but I so know that that song was from "Lexy in Africa" TRACK 1 ... Dope! and so I know this why? I have the freakin album! dope... sometimes I wished the school had just asked from me.... and plus to that some old skoo crap music was played... ahkk I don't even want to mention titles!:cry: but I'll tell ya again and again... it was crapy! ; add to that the fact that the other group from Masbate "India" didn't win... it was also a bummer for me... India was prepared for just a few days before the event but they had it going moothly, I guess the judges didn't like spicy food or curry :WtUlokat: coz dope it's a real bummer even if my group wins.... ah lor! I mean china and India had been holding on to each other to win and now China gets to hog two freakin awards... ah lor bored

ah dope this is all quite depressing I didn't get to eat anything after trying to assis the judges! ahhhk!!canttakeit

anyways I'll go cut depression and post some freakin pics

Pic of the week:ILove

a picture can definitely paint a thousand words... ok, don't get ideas now... Me and Nemuel are just friends, nothing extra special but I'm very nice to him. Everyone prolli knows that in the HS Masbate site. Apart from that, this picture make me think of a rockstar + a well refined chinese lady, it's quite funny when you look at it that way:ok!:

=Phil-China's three Princesses
= the whole of it, much love and support from the Masbate Teachers
= my class' most loved korean man! well acutally he's the only one but yeah we all love him like a brother, so we get to manipulate him to play as a panda for our group... he's been eager to wash the make up off his face but we told him that he looked cute looking like that :hahafuny(skeptic): :ohjoy!:

another Me and Vinson pic, dope he dominated my cam more than Micheal Did! har har

These all after we finished the festival and arrived at Masbate

and here's what I haven't blogged about yesterday

I was like "yo!" coz it's my first time to enter the finals in the iQuest at School, I usually get up to the second elimination but not this time, anyways the results we're out anyways I was third from the lowest har har :hahafuny(skeptic): well it's good enough that I ain't the lowest, nor did I scored the lowest but I'll try harder next year :ohjoy!:

till here will post stuff soon again Ioono I just gotta go eat chow!

VOTE for the MTVAA06 oK?!!?@?@?@@?

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