When C-Drama Plays me

God Mars! I'm on the way on recovery from depression, quickly healing... coz Vic is my new remedy lah! today is the premier of God Mars starring Vic Zhou... oooH!!! I remeber my F4 Days... I was as mad as a crazy dog over them wahahaha but now I'm quite normal by just seing them....

but at least Mars is a whole lot better drama than La Robe De Mariage De Ceiux

God Mars Starring Vic Zhou and Barvie Xu of CETV


La Robe De Mariage Ceuix Starring Leon Williams and Cyndi Wang of SET

Mars will definitely win... I remember saying that La Robe was nice drama.... yes at some point it was but I recon that I'd rather watch the original chinese than watch the tagalog dubbed one, aaahggg..... It's so pointeless when dubbed plus acting was a big blow-off.... Leon Williams and The dude who played as his assistant was really real acting in the series.... quite sad tho

Today I came home late from the doctor coz I had to go to a shop to go buy stuff I think dad was alittle ticked of from driving me and my grandma around I guess ^_^.... too bad for me I haven't studied for my exams

I gotta go

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