Sick of.... hospitals

Thanks to god I'm sooo thankful! my hospital examinations are turning out good (meaning I'll live a longer life .... sorry for those who disapprove )

anyways it's back to blogging for me. well I was out for awhile because my hospital visit became more frequent that I'd come home late at night and would have little time to do my homework.. so I cram alot now a days especially that the finals is coming soon and that Food Festival everyone is so hyped up about is coming to a close

anyway I don't want to think about school, I'm not all that well anyways I'm still going under observation so I'm hoping for the best. It's just that today I feel less depressed about the matter

How to get rid of the depression:
A.) when dad came home home one night, he came home with a portable dvd player and he keeps bragging that it came for free so what. I'm the one using right now
(Twins - Samba)

B.) also when dad came from the province from the other night he brought home a new puppy... I dunno what has gotten into him

her name's "Missy".... mom gave her the name this time... I hope she won't be as bad as Hana is.... she keeps on ruining the garden

C.) The Edison Chen Collection.....

D.) Tonight after dad picked me and my grandmum from the Hospital Dad also bought Pancit for dinner (Soaked Noodles, chinese dish LmAo!) . One of the most tastiest dishesh I could ever digest. (btw, that's my bro eating just incase you ask )

E.) (This isn't really my relief but more like relief that Greg's got his mind off somethings) His crazy phone Mp3... that can only hold a incy-wincy number of songs.

F.) Two Amazing JPop Albums
These gal's remind me a lot of HeartsDales.... so while I don't gots HeartsDales... I'll Stay Put with Faith... Keep My Faith in them
(Faith - Letter To The Future)

It's a shame that BoA sings better Japanese than Korean... I was disappointed with her "Girls on Top" Album


And the laptop? Customized it lah! ^_^ haf a look see... it's Tight! even if I despise "pink" so much I was hoping for red but the shades are neat with a capital N!.... even my music player is in pink.... why... I was hoping for maroon!

everythings tight!..... let's all look forwad when I lose it all.....

but theres something I know I will lose by this week, and it's :

WTF are candy canes still doing in my place.... it's going to be two months since december.... Lmao! I'm giving em out... and don't cha worry their all good ^_^.... I just don't know about the instant pasta we bought... tastes good but I'm the only one who's having a hard time with it so.... yeah must be side effects from all the medicine who knows ^_^....

last but not least the Layout... I finally fixed it! this was suppose to be my Valentines Layout but looks like it's going to be used even after Valentines... after all it isn't only the time when you show love right? Lmao!


I gotta run... maybe go do something interesting.

..... no actually I've got to do my Music shopping....
DUDE! JJ LIN's out with a new album! gotta get my hands on that!

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