Lost "In" thoughts

yo! I'm undefinitely high sprits right now after finding out that Alive has Daniel Wu in it... Woh! Tha hotness! but I really never payed that much attention to their music so mind me not.

ok back to the real world, I've figured that it's the medicine that's killing me.... it's like.... ok it's undescribable but there it is, it's a killer more than whatever good it's suppose to do to me

I felt super weird today so I went on a layout change today I must have at least tried using at least 5 layouts today and I decided to you this one since it's valentines season anyway so ah WTF!?.....

I got the trendy player from one of them music blogs ere' in xanga so I took it, I wanted my own but god.... it's going to take up my time again so this was good enough... until I find the player itself. it's really trendy I tell you! I've been seing it around lately so ama go find one and get it for myself to toy with.

JH called me today, our conversation was like:

JH: yo, Marzie how are you doing? you dying yet?
Me: yah, I am
JH: OMfG!?!?!? u What?!?!
Me: dumbass!
JH: ...! I have to go there then!
Me: go if you want

what a crappy conversation, but I don't really expect him to come over coz he's going to cause trouble he's probably guessed that it's just the way I talk to peopl recently. yah I hope he knows ^_^

the rest of the evening I spent my time watching silly Drama OSTs for
My Sassy Girl Choon Hyang

& My Sassy Girl

the rest of the time I was watching Drama Episodes of MVP Qing Ren (My MVP Valentine)

man, It just got to me how evolved my ratings went...... I used to be really fond of My MVP valentine but now the acting seems to be useless... same with La Robe.... Darn S.E.T. should seriously hire people who can act and not people who already have another turf in singing.... talk about publicity stunt.
not offence really but that's what I'm seing oh wells... I guess my acting reeks twice as bad you think? I'll go ask around lah

ok I gotta go... ZZZzzzzzZZZzzzzz

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