Weeeh wooo...

Ok today was big up and down... how?

well to start it off my friends go a knock out of the story of how I did at the intrams and all the side stories yesterday... wahahahahah it's so funny. Anyway, I ended up going to sm anyway even if I really didn't want to. so blady blady yah.... I went, shop for a few school stuff, get photos taken, have ice cream ^_^ LOL!

then we had to head of to Bernadette's house.... crap man! I got into trouble for doing so. coz in the first place I wasn't suppose to be there in the first place.... man I had some explaining to do. Gladdly I can still get my butt out of the house so... lah.... I dunno. I'm prolli stil alive in less complicated words ^_^ LoL!

ok ok so I lied alittle bit... I'm not suppose to but it happend. but what ever it is I lied about came out very belivable... woot! I have to stop lying... it's BAAAAD!!!!! I'll go pray for my sin

>_> wehh.... as if I really deserve to really be forgiven LoL!!! waahahahah.

anyways seems like most of the bad luck had occured today rather than yesterday.... yesterday was freaky but today was but good and bad... oh whatever. I think I had a good day anyway except for the getting scolded at part of the day -_-' .... that is if you asked me to evaluate my day har har!

Coz it seemed very unluck of me to get to ride on a jeep that had some issues with another driver on the road good thing the jeepney driver asked all of us to get down... And albie hasn't even payed yet! har har ^_____^... <- It's all good but down side is that I have alot of homeworks to work on even if there wasn't any assinged. ahr .... I wanted to rest today anyways but heck... ok ok whatever. Maaan mum's back from her Doctorial's, Dad was suppose to pick her up but he didn't which quite pissed her off so I also got scolded for the same reason sooo..... ah heck it's ok she's mom... he's dad ok?!?!?! and me? well I think I'll be more "blogger" than "xanga" Ed's really ticking me off with his "oh so cool" blog of his roar! I could hit him! but anyways lah... I'm just happy today that I still made it back home alive. It really made me nervous with the fact that
  • I came home late than expected
  • I went to a place and didn't even care to tell granny about it
  • I spent for something I didn't plan to
  • I spent the money which I'm not suppose to spend -_-'.....
laaaah!!! where the heck am I going to get the money to replace the money I spent?!?!?!? that was suppose to be for the class picture which I was suppose to pay last week -_-'.... ahr lo! I'm soooo dead.... and It was in my new year's resolution to save money... maan! that just reeks!

ok I gotta go resolve that prob and start moving my notes and making space in my hard drive.... waaahhh... busy again >_<

Later Days

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