Oh Holly Mother of God!

Today was craziie! and I tell you crazy! Crazy that I can't even say anything right!

it was a crazy Fri the 13th more than an unlucky one.... beliefs make it unlucky.. I did for a bit so I it got a bit too me... I thought of it more like a Freaky tiresome day lah! -_-'.... Today I had my last and freakinly final table tennis game.... which me and Arvin (Mendoza) happily lost to ^_^.

I met up with Claire and well she didn't seem to be in good shape to play.. good thing the weather was kind enough to post-pone the game for next week! hahaha!

Anyway.... tell me do find guys dancing next to you with just a shirt on and underwear cool? or weird or whtf ever? prolli not

coz that's what had happen to me IN SCHOOL... Dayum.. SchooL! It happened in school! may gaw~ I mean it could prolli happen in the Philippine Universite (the oblation run) but this... maaaan... u got some freak naked dancng dude in his shirt and underwear with his friend dancing close to you.

WTF!............... maaan I think Ed would be laughing if he finds out about.... or maybe even worst..... HE'S GOING TO TEaSE me aBouT it lah!

oh wells.... I'll just pretend that it didn't happen anyway big deal ^__^.

the bigger deal is that the MV of Rain (Bi) "Sad Tango" Daaaaamn!!! soooo hotttt'!!!! Maaaan I can't stop thinking about it lah!

so far so good. but the song ehrm... the first time I watched the pv on JTV I didn't seem to like the song.... but I liked the chorus otherwise I wouldn't have liked the song at all if it we'rent for the MV. so I guess I'll go and the the single anyway ;p LoL!!!

Ed... was like sooo busy this afternoon, since I brought my phone with me to school I decided to give him a call just to kill time... man! W keeps on answering his cp for him and so I asked "why r u answering his phone lah?" he tells me "who is this?"

-______________-''.... chaaaaaam!!! W! wats wrong with u lately! keeping MARZIE away from Ed?!?!?!?! lah! that's so mislead.

Oh freaks out, man what a Friday the 13th I had! tomorrow well tomorrow is a new day and I'm going to have some of my best buds over to do some crazy recording ^__^ I hope Dad won't mind... in fact I'm not going to SM ne'more... I'm such a bad person lah I promised tho. but yet again that's it I don't feel like going in the afternoon. I guess I have to finish my school stuff tomorrow morning so that well I can just get started on my projects on Sunday.... that means Shpping! LoL! but for school stuff tho >_____<..... that is just not right... it's more like re-stocking when it's like less than two months before the school year ends...

This would / might permanently mean Good bye Saint Claire School forever... but yet again it may not..

I just wanna say before I go......

I know something you don't and I'm not telling till I say so LOL! ^_^... .depends... . I don't feel like blogging in Xanga anymore.... baack to blogger! I love my blogger! Mwah! Blogger rocks!

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