New Year's Party

I guess I've already said that I'm going to post up pics about New Year's party but I kinda lazy
so I'll just post up this edit pic.... again I was playing with
photoshop and ended up messing up my own picture :relaxing:

and here's something I really wanna go to. I'm just not sure if I can
go coz last day is on Friday... the company is going to pay my ticket
woot! my parents allowed me but only if I make it in time after classes
which is on Friday. LAST DAY OG THE CONCERT!!! man! ZeyWai will get
very disappointed if I can't make it!

it's going to start at 8:15 on Friday... I hope their tickets are a
sell out! I'm goof.... the conditions was with the company was that if
I make it in time to HK (which I should) I still have time to go to the
concert otherwise I'll be present in the afterparty which I kinda don't
want to coz I made a deal with ZeyWai, if I make it to the after party
ahrr... I'll be punished.... she'll make me buy something lah! it's
not really a problem ... but still .... Save Money is on my new
year's resolution! :WtUlokat:

I'm so happy with the reservation, =Eva Air at 4 something in the
afternoon of Friday (6th of Jan) then I arrive at 6 something p.m. and
I'll have two hours rest or I dunno what's going to happen if I rush
myself to the concert.... I can't breathe!

I can already imagine the HK collesium Jam packed!

I dunno.. I'll just have to wait and see... Man I'm so excited!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ^______________^

I'll keep ya posted

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