Room PC

I feel so happy that I could teleport my mum's laptop (since she's got a new one already). We'll I know my mum doesn't approve of actually having any sort of computer in the "kids" room (~_~'' .... err Kids? it's Chip and Mariel's room I mean) . so I had to reason out.. "uh I was checking if the LAN works from my room ^_^ *super fishy*"

Ne'ways I feel so much more concentrated on study and work now the the laptop is in my room wahahahahah. I feel so stupid just saying that :) *becomes more cheezy*

Well can't help but feel good, I'm pretty much done with my homework, I still need to study though. I got 2 quizes on Tuesday since THERE IS NO SCHOOL ON MONDAY!!!!! wahahahahaahah. but despite that still I have to work on my effn projects.

About last night well I almost freaked out! I wasn't able to go online coz of PLDTs technical problems.... screw them for getting their customers into their trouble!!!!! ROAR!
well gladly I'm not yet disqualified for round two on the graphic battle.... Wahahahah thanks for a good competitor that I'm battling with. .. Marc....... (wait.. He's good? hahahah didn't think so myself ^_^ ).

On the good side beside of my dying with total boredome last night I had to get out and show up on grannie's B-day party. not such a bad Idea to kill time. I sang a couple of songs on the karaoke. I sang a song for granny...... it's "Boltes Payb" by Dating Daan wahahahahah old' skool spoof music eh?!?!?! LOL!!!!

ok wells I've got alot of christmas preparations to make. I gotta go.

Later Days!

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