Effects of not joining the feild trip

Hell follows you around hey ya'll! I'm glad I'm in a good mood today..... I'm not gonna bad mouth anyone in another language anytime soon in the near future...... there's always karma to help me out

speaking of which.... I didn't join the field trip... personally I don't find the venue good or so you might say not good enough for me. So I get stuck here back in Quezon City with special projects+ homework to do..... and that just sucks for a student like me! To hell with the administration.... that's not fair ya ______________!!!!!

( oh right I'm not suppose to bad mouth anyone.... right (--,) ?)

Cursing is BAaaaaAAAAddd! >=)

ahhrg..... that's not fair!!! I mean, jus coz u don't get to join a lousy field trip with the same lousy classmates (that is if they consider themselves to be one -no offense I love yooh guys!) that you haVE . for a price of 2 thousand pesos..... for practically.... I dunno man.. if ya ask me all they do is tire you out and waste your money, to go to places you can go to by yourselves.

Anywho that doesn't bother me as much as it did last year..... I dun care man! anywho today I got to spend my day with a couple of friends who didn't join the field trip. We went to SM to buy us the stuff we need for our "effing special projects"

uh what else.... yeah we Initial D'ed awhile ago with Cess and Mike, for awhile then me and Albie lost sight of the both of em' so we ended up looking for them. Finally we found them @ Uncle Bob's with Tj and Alto and had lunch with Mike and Cess.... well no excuse for Tj and Alto.... they had lunch ahead of us

We had Korean Beef bulgogi at the food court since that was what I wanted and because I was craving for some! (I'm so possesive LoL) anywho they enjoyed their meals as much as I did... on the weird side of town we had Popcorn for snaks and dessert after that meal

Then the four of us got pictures taken with Alto and Tj then Mike had to go home. Cess went out with another friend of her's (uh oh.... controvesy sweety ) ...... after that we went back to the arcade to play but darn there's so many people at the Initial D machine, so I didn't get to play agains TJ. We endded up shooting some hoops and playing skee ball, Alto and TJ left me and Albie.

Me and Albie found ourselves checking out this new arcade machine... forgot what it's called tho.... but it a game where you have to push the buttons when the symbols show up.... lah there's alot of arcade games like that!!!

I enjoyed the game coz two of the songs in it we're familiar to me.... like "Para Para Sakura" by Aaron Kwok and "Pen Kong Tai" by China Dolls. The last song that me and Albie played was "Funky Tonigh" (I think?) I was supprised it was a korean song, it reminded me of My Sassy Girl.

We enjoyed this day at the mall but we ended up cramming up at the end of the afternoon trying to finish out projects.... unfortunately we didn't get to finish our projects instead we got to start the projects assigned to us ^_^

I dunno what I should do right now but I think I should go and work on my effing special projects...... but I'm too sleepy so..... ahrrr...... I'll just have to work hard to finish it then ^_^

peace out to every one..... I said PEACE!!!!

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